Chapter 7

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* no one's pov*

It's 12am Erica wakes up and shakes Baekhyun. Baekhyun groans and slowly wakes up. She smiles at him as he stretches and yawns. Baekhyun looks at the clock and gasps. Erica laughs and Baekhyun falls off the couch.

Baekhyun- AAH!

"hehe be careful."

Baekhyun- ow.

"are you ok?"

Baekhyun- yes. I'm so sorry!

"for what?"

Baekhyun- I'm not supposed to stay past my scheduled time.

"I don't mind."

Baekhyun- it's a rule.

He quickly gets up and grabs his bag. Erica yawns and holds her arms out.

"but I still want to cuddle!"

Baekhyun- sorry no can do baby girl.

"oh come on!"

Erica pouts and Baekhyun smirks.

"can we at least talk?"

Baekhyun- it's late Erica.

" I know but I really don't want you to go."

Baekhyun sighs and sits down next to her.

Baekhyun- what do you want you talk about?

"hmm, what's it like being an escort?"

Baekhyun- I can't really explain it actually.

" oh really?"

Baekhyun- yes really. I like it sometimes but then I hate it.

"what do you like and what do you hate?"

Baekhyun- I like cuddling but I don't like always having sex. I want a client, who just wants to cuddle and watch movies.

"awe that's cute. Well I won't use you for sex."

Baekhyun chuckles at Erica's comment and stands up. He groans in pain and grabs his bags again. Erica sighs and walks him to the door.

"be safe ok?"

Baekhyun- I will.

"and take it easy alright?"

Baekhyun- ok.

"if you ever just want to just cuddle and watch movies, you can always come here."

Baekhyun- thanks.


Baekhyun- bye.

Erica opens the door and Baekhyun walks out.

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