Part 5

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I visit So and find out he's fine. It's time to chose the prince for the upcoming Ritual.

"Ms. y/n please get one" said Jimong I put my hand inside the jar and get one.

"The representative is Wang So!" Jimong said.

"Get ready!" He said and leave the same to the princes. I follow them and called So.

"What?" He ask

"Come!" I said and drag him to his room

"What is it?" He ask

"Seat" I said and start creating the cream.

"Can I?" I ask holding his mask he nodded. I remove his mask and I widen my eyes when I saw how big his scar is. I started applying the cream

After 10 minutes, I'm done.

"Here! Look" I said showing him the mirror he look shock

"You're handsome now" I said

"Thank you" he said smiling

"That you should smile often" I said he suddenly look serious

"What? Did I said something wrong?" I ask, he did not answer instead he hug my waist

"Remember this, I won't let you go again" he said and leave.

I ran to the court and saw all of them in line now. I stand at the back of the princes. Minutes later, So reach the court safe and sound.

What will shock you the most, it started raining. He look at me and smile, but when I look at him something no someone come out of my sight.

"Gwangjong?" I mumbled

I shrugged it off and head to my room. I change my dress and go to see So.

"So!" I yelled in his room

"I'm here" he said I look behind and saw him I smile at him.

I was walking around when a servant approach me.

"Prince Yo, is looking for you" he said I nodded

I walk to his room and saw him alone.

"What is it?" I ask

"Come here" he said Pat the seat beside him.

"Why?" I ask sitting

"Who did that to So's face?" He ask

"I am" I said

"Why?!" He yelled and I flinch

"Why are you like this?" I ask softly

"Because, So he always have everyone now he's getting you" he said and lean his head on my shoulder I hugged him.

"You don't have to do this" I said he did not answer I look at him, he felt asleep.

Attention. That's what he need

I put Yo in his bed and stay beside him.

After an hour I got bored and leave. I go to the hall and saw all the prince.

"Where's Yo?" Eun ask

"He's asleep" I said

"Is it true?" Won ask

"What true?" I ask

"You don't know? Everyone in the palace knew it" Won said

"What is it?" I ask

"Queen Yoo, she just announce that you and yo is getting married" he said and I widen my eyes.

I suddenly remembered So's words.

I won't let you go

Did he mean it?


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