Chapter 93

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She frowned for a moment, puzzled by what could be inside, and what the rolling objects would be.

Evelyn was used to Zayn’s unpredictability; if his ever changing moods took the body of a horse, then even Zayn’s prized war horse, Shadow, wouldn’t be able to match its speed. But as unpredictable as he may be, she wasn’t prepared to see the object contained in the heavy, dark box.

She gasped as she lifted its heavy top.

Right there, atop of his gift, was a shiny black bank card, as promised… But that wasn’t the object that made Evelyn's jaw drop.

Mentally, she was prepared for a watch, necklace, earrings, rings, all kinds of fancy jewelleries… But not this.

Inside of that box, lay a sleek, oily black gun with gold markings that resembled the twirling and swirling of a rush of unstoppable wind, and it danced up the handle and neck of the gun in a graceful fashion. The deadly weapon was astonishingly beautiful, breath taking even.

It reminded her of Zayn.

Dark, dangerous, charming, alluring and dazzling beyond words… But at the same time, lethal and capable of ending an innocent life without a thought of hesitation.

Evelyn's fingers shoot as she hesitantly picked the object up from its box.

She felt like every muscle in her body was tense, and her heart continued to beat at a brutally fast rate, but this time joy was no longer its fuel.

Fear was.

A gun… she thought. Why the fuck would he give me a gun?

She placed the heavy object on her naked lap and ran her finger along its neck.

It felt hefty and chilling against her bare skin.

She glanced into the box.

No notes.

No instructions.

No form of explanation.

The only written words she saw was the words ‘bullets’, imprinted onto the center of the oddly large lid.

It took Evelyn a few seconds of careful examination before she noticed the almost invisible edges of a rectangle that surrounded the word, and the small dent above it.

She picked at it with her middle finger, and surprisingly enough, the rectangular metal came away, revealing a hidden compartment within the lid.

Half a dozen sparkling bullets spilled out of the cubicle.

And Evelyn's stomach dropped.

A gun, and bullets. All that was needed to end a life was there, at her lap. Never had Evelyn ever been this close to holding something that could end lives within a fraction of a second.

Weaponry was rigidly forbidden and illegal for humans, and for a human to be caught with something as deadly as a gun was punishable by death; Evelyn doubted she would be arrested for carrying a gun that was gifted to her by the king himself, but the idea of being so close with such fatal object made her skin crawl.

She was scared.

Why? Why would he give me a gun? Wouldn’t he worry that I’ll try to kill him in his sleep? Evelyn thought.

Honey, he’s Zayn Malik, said her conscience. I doubt-as eye-pleasing as it may be-such useless gun and metal bullets would affect him in any way. He’s Zayn Malik. What make you think that it’s even possible to kill such godlike creature? And if there were a way, then why would be handing it to you? We need to educate ourselves and get smarter, we are pretty stupid.

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