Chapter 4

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I slumped onto the ground, back against the Pack-house, legs stretched out in front of me. Everything hurt. My back, my legs, my arms, my abs, even my damn neck. But, of course, Bitch One and everyone else didn't have this problem. No, they were all treated like normal werewolves. Here I was treated like a rag-doll, just because I got on his nerves one damn time.

Two muscular legs came into my line of vision. "Sore?" Cayden stood in front of me, his gym bag hanging from his shoulder. He put it down next to me and sat.

Massaging my quad, I gazed over at him. "What gave it away?"

He smirked. "That look of misery on your face."

I raised a brow at him and pointed to my face. "Oh, no. This look of misery is not because I'm sore. I just don't want to go through another day of hell while everyone else takes a fucking walk in the park."

Cayden took off his shirt and tossed it into his bag. Shamelessly, my eyes flickered down to his body for a moment. Thick muscle, toned abdomen, tanned skin, it was enough to make any she-wolf stop and stare.

When Cayden noticed me staring, his smirk widened a bit. He scooted closer and stripped his socks. "Alpha Roman likes obedience."

Now, it was my turn to smirk. I would disagree, Cayden, I think he gets very turned on by disobedience. I had tested that many times, and each time resulted in the same way: him pushing his hard cock against me anyway that he could.

"I think you handled it yesterday in the best way that you could," he said.

I smelt Roman behind me. I didn't know if he was a few feet away or behind the house, but I knew he was coming closer. So, I leaned closer to Cayden, knowing that this would surely be an act of disobedience in his eyes, and smiled. "Well, I do take punishments very well."

Roman growled, causing my heart to race. But I didn't turn around. I sat, smiling at Cayden, suggesting something more sinister than mere punishment. Cayden's eyes lingered on me for a quick moment, then they snapped to Roman who was now standing right in front of us.

"Cayden," he said, jaw clenched. "Lead the run."

Cayden smiled over at me and stood. He held out his hand. "Come on. You can make it." I took it, raising my brow just barely at Roman - testing him. Oh, boy, did I like testing him.

Roman watched our exchange. When Cayden let go of me and started walking to the crowd, I followed, but Roman caught my arm. "You're not going." He called for the rest of the wolves to follow Cayden, and they all did except for Vanessa who lingered behind.

"Alpha, you're not coming?" she asked. Her tits were falling out of her sports bra again. She leaned onto one foot then the other, sticking out her hip. Every time I looked at her, I wanted to bang my head against the nearest tree. Jesus Vanessa, stop being so... so...

Roman glared down at me, eyes hard. After his eyes lingered for a moment, they travelled between Vanessa and I. He smirked. "Let's run together. The three of us."

I clenched my jaw. "No."

But he didn't take no for an answer. Instead he dragged me to the running path. I was on one side of him; Vanessa was on the other. She was obnoxiously close to him, touching him every chance she got.

I wouldn't be surprised if she accidentally tripped over a vine and accidentally sprained her ankle, just to get more of his attention.

She started talking about how she planned to work really, really hard this week because she had been dreaming of being the strongest warrior wolf in this pack. Like that would actually happen. She wouldn't be able to last a single practice if they amped up the intensity for her just a bit like they had done with me. But that's not what pissed me off. Roman was actually giving her his full attention, flirting with her even.

So, I ran harder, faster, farther away from them. I set the pace, not wanting to even hear a sentence more of their conversation. It annoyed the hell out of me.

When we returned to the practice area, all the other wolves were already stretching out. Immediately I found Derek. "If I hear another word out of her mouth, I swear I might cut my eye open."

Derek eyed Vanessa and Roman as they made their way to the practice area. He smirked. "Is someone jealous?"

I crossed my arms over my chest. "Jealous of her?" Rolling my eyes, I gazed in Cayden's direction. "No, she's just annoying."

Derek rested his forearm on my shoulder. "Mmhmm, that's what they all say."

My head snapped back to him. "You know sometime I hate you," I whispered. He gave me a cheeky grin, and I couldn't help but smile back.

With Vanessa standing next to him, staring at him like he wasn't the most annoying person in the world, Roman instructed us to get into partners: one warrior wolf with one trainee. Cayden caught my eye from across the crowd.

We met halfway between everyone else and found a spot where we could begin wrestling. When the time started, he barreled toward me, throwing me to the ground effortlessly. I rolled onto my stomach and posted my hands, struggling to get up while he held me down.

"Damn," I said, still struggling.

He slammed his forearm into the crook of my elbow, making my arm collapse. "I never said I would go easy on you."

I posted my hand back on the ground. Using all of my strength, I pushed myself up and threw him off of me. When I was free, I stood back up and smirked. "I never said I wanted you too."

Sure, I hated how I was getting ragged on while everyone was getting it easy. But if I was going to get it hard, then I was going to have Cayden the Beta give it to me. After Roman, he was the strongest one. If I could fight against him, I could go toe to toe with nearly anyone else here.

We wrestled for the next half-hour, not stopping once. Maybe it was the way his lips were so close to my neck or the way his body was grinding against mine, but I caught Roman looking over throughout practice. And each time he was angrier than the last.

When practice was over, I flirted with Cayden a bit, knowing Roman was watching my every move. But I wasn't about to let the same thing that happened last night happen again. I left before everyone else did, hobbling to Derek's car.

Once I was home, fed, and showered, I relaxed into my bed. The curtains were opened, just like Mom left them this morning, I supposed. The world outside was silent, the forest quiet. But I knew he was out there, watching me.

I scooted up the bed until I was resting against the headboard - a perfect view for him. I slipped my fingers into my underwear and massaged my clit. Small, fast circles. Light moans. Arched back.

I thought about him watching me. How angry, annoyed, hard he must be because of me. I could feel his intense stare on me, could see the moon reflecting off of his eyes in the woods. Two dark, frightening eyes that turned me on even more.

I threw my head back, knowing that if I was going to get punished - and punished hard - by him than I might as well do something worth being punished for. Just as I was about to cum, I quietly moaned - Cayden.


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