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"I'll have a omelette." You said to the waitress while she wrote it down. "I will have the venison egg scramble." He said. "Okay drinks are coming." The waitress said. "Venison? I thought you were a deer?" You asked him. "Not only am I a deer, I'm a cannibal." He said his grin growing wider.

"That was one movie wasn't it my dear?" He said smirking. You groaned and sighed. "That was one of the best kisses I have ever gotten." You said smiling. He smirked again. You wanted to ask him. You wanted to ask him so bad. Then you just did. "Are we a thing?! Ya know. Boyfriend, Girlfriend, That whole fanagle?" You blurted out. "Well. Erm, I guess so? Do you want to consider yourself my partner?" He said clearly off guard by the question. "Yea..." you mumbled. "So! It's just that! Now I can finally saw this! I love you!" He said teaching for your hand and holding it.

When you were done with breakfast you walked into your home and Em and Kate stared at you.


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