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// warning : somnophillia???

Katsuki really loved Izuku, he was small, cute and soft and adorable and everything he could ever ask for, even if the greenette could be a bit bratty from time to time Katsuki just finds it endearing. Everything about him was cute, from the way he talks, how he gets embarrassed, how he acts, how he looks like, he was just so cute and Katsuki always felt kind of guilty for wanting to do really weird things with him.

"K-Kacchan,don't touch my tummy..." Izuku pouts as Katsuki placed his hands there. They were binge watching unsolved cases, Izuku sitting in between Katsuki's legs on his bed while the blond leaned on his shoulder to watch. Izuku's belly is really soft, everything in his torso was, his other body parts were covered in hard tough scales yet his torso wasn't and Katsuki would love to squeeze his sides and fondle with his chest if only Izuku wanted it.

The greenette doesn't really like it when he's touched on his torso, even while they're doing it he wears something to cover it up and he always pushes Katsuki's hands away if they ever come close, Katsuki doesn't know why but Izuku gets really embarrassed when he's touched there.

But he's so soft, and Katsuki really wants to smother him but er. Izuku doesn't want it so... Katsuki huffs as he takes his hands off his boyfriend, now just settling on his hips

"Why don't you ever let me touch you? You're so soft and cute..." Katsuki murmurs, pulling him close.

"...I-I just don't like being touched." Izuku replies, his voice soft.

They watched a few more videos before Izuku let's out a soft small yawn.

"I'm getting sleepy, can we sleep now, Kacchan?" Izuku asks, already snuggling to the blond.

"Yeah just let me turn off the laptop." He says, kissing Izuku's forehead before he goes forward to turn off the laptop. He tucks it away in its case and puts it away before he crawls back in his bed, Izuku already plenty snuggled into his blankets.

"Kacchan." Izuku calls out, "come close, it's cold."

Katsuki lays next to Izuku and the smaller teen chirps, hugging his boyfriend and curling up beside him.

"Good night Kacchan."

"Good night."


Katsuki wakes up a few hours after, he groans, checking his phone // although the brightness was at the lowest, it still blinded him for a few seconds //, it was only 2 am. He tried to go back to sleep again, now hugging Izuku back but for some reason, he already felt fully awake.

Now that Izuku was asleep and close to him with him fully awake, he can hear his soft, steady breathes along with him murmuring every now and then. His subtle shifts of his body as he tried to feel more comfortable every few minutes. Suddenly, a very dark thought came into Katsuki's mind. He really really wants to feel more of his boyfriend- and he's asleep right now so...

He would've slapped himself with an explosion if only it wouldn't wake said boyfriend up from his peaceful sleep, what is he thinking? Izuku would never allow him to touch him like that while he's awake, it's just wrong to do it to him while he's asleep and defenseless.

But all you're gonna do is touch him a bit, nothing dirty. The traitorous voice of his mind says, just feel him up a bit, nothing too bad, he won't mind, especially now that he's asleep and if he wakes up, maybe he'll enjoy it too-

He trusts me to not do anything to him while he sleeps!

Just gonna touch him a bit, don't you always spoil him? You always do what he wants, treat yourself a bit, just a little touch, just don't take it far.


Izuku turn away from him, his back now facing Bakugou's gaze.

Only for a little bit.

Bakugou scoots close until his chest is pretty much pressed against Izuku's back, he takes a moment to admire the fact that he's spooning Izuku right now // he'll make sure to do it a lot more often, Izuku seems happy with his warmth, the tail is kind of awkward though, kind of pressed against his stomach // before he lets his hands trail up his shirt // Izuku was wearing a shirt from Katsuki, it was a couple sizes too big but it was cute //.

Izuku didn't seem affected in his sleep, his breathing still sounded steady, not a hitch in his breath. Katsuki gently squeezed the side of his belly and was pleasantly surprised by how soft it was, there was a bit of chub // only a bit, how did that get there? Izuku trained daily and is part of a dance club , seriously, how did that get there? // and it got him worked up, pawing on his boyfriend's tummy.

He let his hands trail up to his chest, he's always known that Izuku was a bit more on a lean side of muscle // and most of it went to his legs and butt, the butt especially, it's so cute, Katsuki was usually the one doing the heavy lifting, not him // but there was still a soft mound of muscle on him which he helps himself unto, gently fondling and squeezing.

He paused when Izuku let out a soft, breathy whine. Before he continues because he's too far gone and he's addicted to the softness of his boyfriend's body, this is the only time he can do this, might as well savour it while he can.

"K-Kacchan..." Izuku mewls , his voice sounding soft and strangled, Katsuki paused, stopping his groping. Izuku doesn't say anything afterwards so he assumes he's asleep, he squeezes him again and Izuku whimpers.

"Kacchan Seriously ! When are you gonna stop groping me?" he says, gripping Katsuki's hands which were still on his chest.

"E-Er, you're awake?"

"Of course I'm awake- Kacchan you know that I'm a light sleeper, of course I'll wake up if you start groping my body so much- if you wanted to touch me that much you should've just told me!"

"Oh... sorry."

"If you're sorry, stop groping me like a pervert." Izuku huffs, Katsuki quickly retracts his hands.


"..." Izuku pouts, "Kacchan I got hard, take care of it."


"I said I got hard, take care of it." Izuku murmurs, crawling ontop of the blond, "please?"

Katsuki's face explodes into red and quickly sat up, pulling Izuku close to him , making him sit on his lap as they kissed, his hands settling on Izuku's ass fondling with it.

"Hey, haven't you groped me enough already?" Izuku asks as he pulled away from the kiss, "Kacchan is such a pervert."

"S'not my fault, you're cute as fuck. It's soft as fuck too, just wanna play with it all day."

"Kacchan!" Izuku whines, "you can do it later, just- get the lube out already!"

"You promise?"

"Sure just- get it already!"

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