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          Mina opened her eyes slowly, squinting as a bright light entered her sight. "Mina, you're awake." Her mother said. Mina moaned and sat up slowly. "What happened?" She asked groggily. "Your friends, they took you to the hospital during lunch. What was going on?" Her mother asked, worry in her voice. Mina frowned. She didn't want to bother her mother with her problems yet alone mention that she felt as if she was being watched like when she was in Japan. "I just, wasn't feeling well. I can go back to school. I think I missed a few subjects." Mina said and threw off the covers. "Sweetie, it's already the next day. You were out for quite some time yesterday. Are you sure you're up it right now?" Her mother asked. Mina was speechless. The stress of seeing Chaeyoung after her ordeal really had her out like that. She gulped. She couldn't afford to miss class. She needed to go and avoid the young girl at all costs. "I can do it mother. I'm strong." Mina reassured her mother. Her mother gave her a nervous smile but nodded. Mina headed out with her mother out of the hospital. Unbeknownst to her that a figure lurked by, taking pictures of her.


'I can't believe I was out that long.' Mina thought as she rummaged through her book bag. A tap on her shoulder made her jump. With her heart pumping in her chest she slid down the wall still frightened. "Hey, sorry. we didn't mean to make you jump." A girl said and gave Mina a warm smile. Mina looked up and caught her breath. "Help her up." A blonde haired girl said annoyed. "Ya don't tell me what to do!" A girl with big teeth said and held up her fist up to the blonde. Another hand was held out for Mina. Mina was hesitant. She had never met these girls before or yet seen them around. But she took  one of the girl's hands. "Hello, I'm Hirai Momo." Momo said and bowed. Mina gasped. A Japanese girl. "Oh, a Jap-."     "And I'm Minatozaki Sana." Sana said and bowed. Mina widened her eyes. Two of them. She couldn't help but wonder if they knew her because of the incident in Japan. It was  national news. "We heard about your the cafeteria. Are you alright?" Sana asked. "Yeah you had created quite a stir. We hadn't had one of those since-." Nayeon nudged Jeongyeon in the stomach. "Oof. What was that for? Don't you think she has the right to know what happened to that girl back a few years ago?" Jeongyeon asked. "It's all that girl's fault. Son Chaeyoung." Sana said. Mina gasped and leaned against the lockers. Her heart raced at the mention of the young girl's name. "Eh, you okay?" Momo asked Mina. Mina cleared her throat. "I-I'm sorry. I should get going." Mina said and walked away quickly. She hurried into a classroom and caught her breath. "Running from something are we Myoui?" A voice said. Mina jumped and flew back against the wall. Chaeyoung was sat at the desk in front of the class. She tapped her fingers on the arms of the chair. Mina reached for the door handle. "You look so frightened. Surely I'm not the cause." Chaeyoung said nonchalantly and stood up. Mina gulped. "I-I had not not asked you to thrust upon me your obsession. Your obsession with me. Why me?" Mina asked, a sense of distress seeping off her tongue. Chaeyoung chuckled and shook her head. "I must be absolutely mad. You think I'm obsessed with you?" Chaeyoung asked and gave Mina a cheeky grin before turning to face the board. "What is it that you want?" Mina asked, keeping her distance. Chaeyoung ran her finger along the board. "What everyone wants but some will never receive. To be loved. To be loved truly, madly and passionately. A desire calling out to us in which we crave it. We yearn for it. That's what I want Myoui Mina. I want to be loved. But I'm rejected such a thing because I'm told that I'm crazy. Delirious in all aspect. I just want love. Would you deny me your love?" Chaeyoung asked. She turned around and leaned against the board. Mina was silent. Suddenly the door ripped open. And like a knight in shining armour, Tzuyu appeared from the dim lit hallway. Chaeyoung gritted her teeth. There was never even a minute with Mina. It drove her mad. "Ah, here comes your trusted knight. How nice. I haven't touched her Chou." Chaeyoung said. "Come." Tzuyu told Mina. Mina nodded. Chaeyoung was quick on her feet and grabbed Mina's wrist. "Be wise Mina, and know the truth." Chaeyoung said. "Let go of her." Tzuyu said. Chaeyoung did as told and put her hands in her pockets. "Doesn't it get boring being her knight? Protecting her from bad people? Bad people" Chaeyoung asked and looked at the youngest girl. Tzuyu was silent. She gestured to Mina that they should leave. Chaeyoung watched as Tzuyu dragged Mina away. She gritted her teeth. Because of Tzuyu she'd never be able to walk out of the shadows she had been placed in. What had happened to that girl two years before. It wasn't her fault. It wasn't. But who would believe her?

"Wait." Mina said and removed her wrist from Tzuyu's grasp. "What?" Tzuyu said as they stood in the middle of the empty hallway. "Tell me what Chaeyoung did two years ago. To that. To that girl everyone keeps talking about." Mina said. Tzuyu was silent. "I won't go with you until you tell me." Mina said and stood her ground. Tzuyu nodded. Tzuyu turned on her heels and walked to the window. Before her she could see the roof top of the building to her right where students went to hang out for lunch or just to catch some air. She remembered what had happened that fateful day. "She pushed a girl to her death." Tzuyu said monotonously. Mina gasped. She had figured Chaeyoung was mad, but to be crazy enough to kill someone? "That girl's name was Lee Chaeyeon. A dear friend of Chaeyoung's. It's a pity she was killed by Chaeyoung's own hands. If you could see the fear in her eyes before she was pushed. You could see the whites of her eyes even from afar. The." Tzuyu closed her eyes and balled her hand, squeezing it tightly. "The beautiful color of her eyes laced in fear. So beautiful." Tzuyu whispered. Mina furrowed her brows. What an odd thing to say. "I, I should get to gym class." Mina said and rubbed her wrist. A sensation of pain could be felt on her wrist. Like Tzuyu had squeezed her wrist harder than she thought she did. Mina looked at her burning wrist. Red. She looked up but Tzuyu was gone. She didn't notice the figure lurking at the end of the hall. Their eyes set on Mina. The truth would be revealed soon.

Oof, this story is basically a Mitzu story. My baddddd. But yeah the truth will be revealed soon. -Drea 🔍👏

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