First Date- Cole

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Zane had set up the perfect place for the two to have your first date. Of course with Cole's permission first and a chaperone. Nya.

He was planning on taking you to the park and surprising you with a picnic lunch.

You held Zanes hand, as the pair of you walked down the fine gravel path through the park. Nya trailing behind, not too far behind or too close, just enough.

Zane looked at you with an adoring smile on his face. He loved you so very much and he couldn't imagine what his life would be like without you. "Are you enjoying it so far?" He asked.

You nodded in response as you glanced around the path you guys were walking. "It's really pretty here. So what exactly are we doing? I mean I love walking through the park."

Zane chuckled at that and nods. "Yeah, we are almost there. Close your eyes, I will lead you." He promised holding onto your hand.

You trusted Zane without a second thought and held onto his arms while he guided you to the spot he had the picnic set up at.

Zane gently lead you over to the blankets and sat down with you. "Okay, open your eyes." He smiled.

You opened your eyes and smiled at the amazing sight before you.

You could tell this date and the ones to come were going to be amazing

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You could tell this date and the ones to come were going to be amazing.

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