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There was a crack, and the man at the table jumped. A moment later a quiet but insistent knocking sounded at the door of the apartment, and the man rushed to open it.

Another man stood outside, looking frantic. He was trying to hold a squirming one-year-old.

"Sirius, what is it?" the first man asked, stepping aside so the other could enter.

"Pettigrew — he's gone — I can't watch Ed-"

"WANNA WANNA WANNA WORMY!!!!!" yelled the small boy.

"Be quiet, Ed," said the first man calmly. "Sirius, I can't understand a word you're saying. Why don't you slow down and explain from the beginning?"

"I would, Remus, but the Ministry are after me," Sirius replied frantically, handing Edward to him. "I have to go. You'll see what's going on in the Daily Prophet  tomorrow. Goodbye!" The word was barely out of his mouth before he spun around and disappeared with another loud crack!


Dear Remus J Lupin,

We regret to inform you of the demise of James and Lily Potter. As such, their two sons, Harry James and Edward Thomas, are orphans. Harry Potter is already in the custody of his aunt and uncle, but for reasons unknown, Albus Dumbledore has requested that the twins remain separate. As you are one of the only available godfathers to Edward Potter, we ask that you take in the young child.

Please fill out attached survey, as you must meet the financial and other requirements of adopting a child.

Respond in two weeks.

Alpha Cornridge, Director of  COWW, Care of Orphaned Witches and Wizards

Ministry of Magic


"Wanna wanna wanna Padfootses," the small boy snarked, his green eyes flashing with anger.

The scarred, skinny wizard closed his eyes with pain. "I'm sorry, Edward. Sirius can't take care of you any longer. You're staying with me — and the Weasleys, when it's full moon."

The small child perked up. "Big doggy?"

"You know you can't stay when — ugh, when I'm a big doggy. It's too dangerous."


"How did Sirius deal with this...?"


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