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abnormal/əbˈnɔːm(ə)l/adjectiveadjective: abnormaldeviating from what is normal or usual, typically in a way that is undesirable or worrying.

Chief Yagami stood before the other detectives, adjusting his glasses as he cleared his throat. They awaited an announcement, L sitting on his chair, legs pulled to his chest with hands resting on his knees. Watari offered him tea in this moment but it denied, L was interested in what the spectacled detective had to say.

"I thank you all for staying and a being a part of this investigation. I do believe we are close, but I have been in contact with someone else I believe can help." L tilted his head to the side with curiosity.

"Who is this person?" he asked, bringing his thumb to his mouth and biting at the nail. Yagami seemed proud of his accomplishment, having been in contact with someone well known and famous in their field. Barely anything was known about them, only their gender and the amazing skills they possessed.

"I got in contact with 'A'." Matsuda's face lit up, unable to hide his excitement.

"As in the best undercover cop in the world?" Mr Yagami nodded, pleased with what he had accomplished. The others seemed impressed as well while L remained silent, thinking. Everyone simultaneously turned to L, wanting to know his reaction. They were surprised to see that he didn't look bothered by it at all.

"If this will benefit the investigation then I believe that it would be good. With someone like 'A' around we'd be able to send them out and gather outside information about the case, find new suspects and such," he explained, gesturing Watari over. The detectives seemed pleased with their chief and shared smiles as they poured out cups of coffee to provide the energy they needed for the rest of the work that day.

But as they worked, they couldn't help but wonder about 'A'. They had all seen security camera footage of her, but she was smart and was able to hide her face in every camera and make it look natural. Once she used an umbrella to cover herself, a hood and a book another time. She was such a mysterious figure that even L was curious. But they were happy to discover that 'A' would be arriving the following day so they would no longer need to wait. One night and then she would be there and they'd be able to meet someone that was idolized by many.


You walked down the empty foot path, at this time there weren't many people around. It was a week day so they would be at work and it was only 10am. The only sound that could be heard was the scuff of your shoes against the concrete as you dragged yourself toward the tall building ahead, hands resting in the pocket of your hoodie. An icy wind blew past, making you regret wearing ripped jeans, exposing your knees to the cold air. But even so, you continued down the path, hood up so that no one could see your face.

Ear phones sat in your ears, playing music loudly to block out any other sound. You didn't want anyone to try and talk to you so they worked in that aspect also. Up ahead, you spotted the building you needed to go to. It was tall, having risen from the ground in a small amount of time. After doing some research, it had suddenly appeared, being labelled as something else so it couldn't be suspected as the hideout of the famous detective, L. When you asked Mr Yagami who was on the task force, he mentioned all of them but kept L out. You knew that the detective was there, it had been publicly announced he was a part of the investigation so logically he would be in that building.

You approached the front doors, pushing one open and slipping inside without the receptionist noticing. From there you snuck into the elevator and to the floor you knew they were on. While researching, you had been able to find the blue prints for the building and knew every inch of it. There was only one room they could in, one which would the most useful for this investigation and held all resources for it. That was the floor you headed to.


"Uh someone's coming up the elevator," Matsuda called out, worry evident in his voice. L pulled up the security camera feed and watched as the person stood still, hands in their pockets, face hidden by their hood. Aihara pulled his gun from his side and pointed it at the elevator, Mogi and Ide doing the same. The elevator dinged, the person walking out and into the room.

All eyes were on you, guns pointing at your head. It didn't change a thing, you didn't flinch nor falter. You paused after taking a few steps and let your eyes scan those in front of you.

"Who are you?!" Aihara yelled harshly, ready to pull the trigger and splatter your blood on the floor and elevator doors behind you.

"Shoot me if you'd like, but I was invited here." Both Ide and Mogi lowered their weapons and returned them to their holsters. However, Aihara didn't. The gun remained in his hands, the barrel pointing at your head. The elevator dinged for a second time, someone else walking out this time. You turned and were met with the confused look of an older male.

"A," he called. You nodded.

"Yes?" Mr Yagami's eyes drifted to Aihara, sending a glare which told him to put his weapon away.

"Please remove your hood, this relationship is one of trust. You don't have to worry about it being leaked," Chief Yagami assured, walking around to stand in front of you. He offered you his hand, watching as you hesitantly reached forward and shook it. His free hand reached up and pulled your hood back, eyes widening. You mentally sighed as he recognized you, pulling you to his chest in a caring embrace.

"Oh god, (Y/n)," he whispered, holding you close to himself. Not use to the affection of others, you remained still, hands resting by your sides. It would've been considered rude but he knew you, he was one of the few who knew about your past. His family were the ones who welcomed you with open arms and gave you a place to belong.

When he pulled away, he inspected you closely. You were taller than you were when you left, now having (h/l) (h/c) hair and the same beautiful (e/c) eyes. Your facial features were a lot more mature as well as your developed body, looking more feminine than you did when you lived with him.

"I can't believe you're here, it's been ten years." You nod, bowing your head.

"I apologize for my lack of contact, I have been busy." He heaves a sigh and turns, hand resting on your shoulder. Your eyes returned to the men which stood watching.

"I'd like to introduce you all to my daughter, (Y/n) Yagami," he announces. You step forward and bow your head to them.

"It's a pleasure meeting you all, I hope that I can be of use during your investigation."

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