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(A/N) Starting a new story!!! Don't worry about "I'll Show Them", I'll still continue that. I just wanted to make this story really badly. Hope you enjoy!!!

[(Y/N) POV]

It's a normal day in Aldera Junior High. The normal classes, normal routine, normal everything. Or so I thought. Everything was going as usual, the normal crowds of students interacting with each, just like per usual. They laughed when one made a funny joke and whatever. Still normal. I went to go to my seat in my class, students on desks and talking to each other. I just ignored them and waited for class to start. When it did, boy that's when it went differently.

The teacher arrived and everyone was in their seats, I was minding my own business and thinking of some new seals. The teacher was talking about something regarding this being our last years and such. Then he went on about being heroes and our wonderful quirks. Then our local hot-headed ticking time bomb had to open their mouth.

"Sensei!!! Don't lump me together with these losers and their shitty quirks!!! I'm not gonna become a some shitty background character and get stuck at the bottom!!!", Bakugo, Katsuki said angrily. After a few minutes of processing, the class erupted in yells and screams of protest. They were claiming to have better quirks or complaining at what Bakugo had said. The only ones that didn't say anything were me and a timid, small Midoriya, Izuku. I didn't care for the blonde bomb's words and continued with my ideas, but Midoriya was Bakugo's usual punching bag, so I assume that's why he didn't say anything.

"SHUT UP YOU EXTRAS!!! YOU'RE NEVER GONNA BEAT ME!!!", Bakugo screamed out, possibly annoyed at their voices.

"Alright, alright. Calm down class. Bakugo you wanted to go to U.A., right?", the teacher stated. This sparked some more murmurs and comments from the class.

"Ah, Midoriya. You also wanted to go to U.A.!!! (Y/N) too!!!", the teacher exclaimed. This erupted mocking laughter from the class, besides me. I always pitied Midoriya, he was always targeted. But for what, being quirkless? That's a stupid reason, quirkless people can still be amazing and do amazing.

"YOU WANNA GO YOU FUCKING DEKU!!! YOU WANNA TRY AND CHALLENGE ME OR SOMETHING? HUH!?!?", Bakugo screamed out obviously pissed. I felt bad for the green-haired boy, I always did when this happened.

"AND YOU!!! YOU'RE JUST LIKE DEKU!!! ALWAYS IN A DAMN BOOK OR WRITING SOMETHING DOWN!!! DO YOU EVEN HAVE A QUIRK!?!? I'VE NEVER SEEN YOU USE IT!!!", Bakugo screams out once more. This was unexpected, as he usually doesn't notice when I'm here.

"Well, you aren't suppose to use your quirk without a license, Bakugo-san. I assure you I have a quirk, that's the main reason for me having a book or always writing something down. I'm quite surprised you actually remember that I have a book or just keep writing. I thought I wouldn't be qualified to be taken notice of in your books.", I responded truthfully and politely. This silenced him and the class. I guess they expected me to be like Midoriya-san when Bakugo bullies him. I'm not scared of Bakugo, I can neutralize his quirk, so no reason to fear him.

"OH YEAH!!! WELL THEN!!! I'D LIKE TO SEE YOU STOP THIS, THEN!!!", Bakugo screams out, twice more. Jumping in the air and dashing toward me, explosions ready. I just readied my hands for when he was going to use his quirk. Few seconds later and I notice his detonation. I quickly hold my hands out and he detonates. The class screams and turns away, they were probably expecting me to be dead or badly injured. Also they probably didn't want to look at Bakugo's explosions. When the explosions faded, I stood there with no damage. Absolutely no scratch or anything. The class was surprised, exclamation of confusion were erupting. I assume they expected me to be quirkless as well.

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