8. But,

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I lay on my bed with my eyes closer. I was completely exhausted. The silent night drowned me and dragged me onto an endless journey of dreams. I turn around and pull my blanket closely over my body, falling into one of those endless dreams that I wished to never wake up from. 

It was 11 at night when I finally fell asleep. I didn't do anything at the house that day and knew that when I'd wake up and get off work the next day, I'd have to catch up on all that. That meant, yet again, that I'd fall asleep late at night once again. 

It was a feeling he didn't know. 

When I woke up the next morning, I thought that the night was too short for me to get all the energy I needed. But, in fact it was 4 in the morning and I couldn't sleep anymore. 

I stood up not long after and decided to just do some of the chores already so I wouldn't have to do them late in the evening anymore. 

I step into the washroom and find some of Jun's dirty blankets to which I cover my mouth and scrunch my nose. "Can't he just put them in himself?" I put them into the washing machine and wash them. I then grab the clean clothes and start to iron them. Slowly, I fold them early that morning and put them aside so I can put them away as soon as possible. 

Once the clock hit 7, I went downstairs and started to prepare breakfast as my headache started to come back. I thought about staying at home today but, I couldn't do that. I had lots of things to do at work and I couldn't put that aside. I already knew that today would be another long day. 

Jun came downstairs at around half 8 that morning and stared at me as I finished off the breakfast for him. "I'm going to work," I said and walked past him.

Today was another day that Jun took off work. He was already bored enough there and was searching for some excitement. He wanted that from me. But, I kept avoiding him and stayed away for so long.

"Such a waste of time. I should just call someone else," he mumbles and grabs his phone. 

I made it to work by bus today since I wouldn't be able to concentrate myself on the road for if I drove to work today. The whole time, I had to hear the whistles of random men. Calls of their heavy voices that told me to come lick them off sometime. When I finally got off the buss and sighing entered my office. I sat down at my desk, holding my head in my hands as the headache just started to grow. 

"Hey, you alright?"
"Yeah," I say as I look up," just a little tired from work yesterday."
"Ah, yeah... you stayed so late yesterday trying to fix the issues here... I'm sorry for the trouble."
"No it's alright. It's my job anyways," I smile and finally start to work on the things I was left at last night. 

Tired of work. Tired of being treated like an object. Tired of doing everything in a house that was shared by 2.

I just hoped that the headache would fade. But, I was wrong. It would only grow and grow. 

And yet again, I stayed till late in the evening. The clock hit 10 o' clock when I finally left the office. Taking the bus back home once again, hearing some other whispers about me. For what? Nothing. 

Maybe around 30 minutes later I finally arrived at home and entered the house to find it empty and silent. I let out a sigh and continue where I left at this morning. 

I put all the clean plates away and wipe the counter of the kitchen before going upstairs and putting all the clean clothes away. Past midnight was the time I finally let myself fall onto my bed as tears started to fall from my eyes. The pain became unbearable and there was nothing to stop it. I already took some medicine to try and stop that pain. However, it continued to grow... to the point that all I could do was cry and try to forget it forcefully. 

Yet, there was no one to hold me and try to soothe that pain.

~author note~

I mean, I am not the only one that has been called by some dude in the streets or in a bus or train to come and lick his dick. Honestly. I once asked it on my profile here on wattpad and on instagram. I wasn't surprised by the response I received then. 

People can be so disgusting. 

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