31. Empty Love

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"She says nothing when she wants to say everything

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"She says nothing when she wants to say everything."


The Monday morning after the weekend, Bree and I were the first ones to enter Mr. Standall's office together. Nobody was there yet, not even our counselor himself, so Bree and I sat down on the empty chairs forming a big circle, big gaps between every chair as if Mr. Standall wanted to give each one of us space enough for us to share our stories without getting choked by all the eyes on us, but at the same time be able to receive comfort from one another.

"Okay. You've been smiling like a dreamy idiot ever since I picked you up at your house. What's up with you?" Bree asked, curiously and suspiciously eyeing me.

She was wearing her cheerleader outfit. A short white and green skirt and top showed her curvy supermodel body perfectly. While her champagne blonde waves flowed loosely below her chest, her dark wine red lipstick complemented her sparkly gold eyeshadow sprinkled like stardust on her eyes.

She looked beautiful, but I couldn't help but feel like something was wrong. Her face and posture gave off a strained vibe, as if she was worn out but kept on forcing herself to keep going.

"Nothing," I hummed, biting down my lip to suppress a shy smile.

God, I couldn't stop thinking about Saturday night. I literally spent the whole Sunday in bed with a book in my lap, but instead of focusing on the words on the pages, all I could think about was Cayden's lips against mine. Cayden and I kissed. We freakin' kissed!

"You sure? Because it looks like you found that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow," she said, face scrunched up and brows furrowed.

"Maybe I did."

Bree leaped off her chair and crouched down in front of me, excitement beaming across her face. "Okay, spill."

I didn't answer. My big smile wouldn't let me. And the raging blush on my face by the memory of Cayden's lips on mine gave it pretty much away.

Slowly, the realization settled within Bree has her eyes widened. "Wait. Did you and Cayden...?"

Kiss? Yep.

I tried to sound cool about it but ended up giggling. "We kissed. A lot."

It took a moment before the words properly settled in Bree's mind. In response, she screamed so loudly that she fell on her butt on the floor in the result. Her eyes blazed with such immense glow that she could've blinded me. 

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