Buzzfeed Unsolved

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Peter was sitting on the couch as Tony stood up to greet the guardians of the galaxy. He was watching Buzzfeed Unsolved and laughing at how Shane was saying demons.

A shadow cast over him and he jumped as he was watching a literal demon show. But when he looked up it was one of the guardians. He man stuck his hand out, "Hey I'm Peter Quill. People call me Star Lord though."

Peter had flashbacks to that one episode of Buzzfeed Unsolved, the missing case of Peter Quill. "Oh my god. You're Peter Quill."

"Uhhh, yeah I am. Have you heard of me or something?"

"Yeah of course! You're on YouTube! From Buzzfeed Unsolved, it's about you going missing!" Peter exclaimed having everyone look at him.

"Wait I need to see this." Quill said and sat on the couch. Peter quickly turned the TV on and hooked connected it to his phone. He searched up the video and it started playing.

They all payed attention to Shane and Ryan talking about the times and other people. Then it came to the theories.

"Theory one. Peter was taken by his father." -Ryan

"Wait what? I don't know if he even knows if he's alive." -Shane

"Haha! Yeah he did!" Quill yelled out and Gamora hit his head.

"But he did, the father left when he was 2 years. But anyway Theory 2 is of course Aliens."-Ryan

"Well it's true." Quill shrugged and Peter laughed as the episode ended. "So that's the episode and it has 3.6 million views. So 3.6 million people watched it 3.6 million times."

"I'm famous!" Quill yelled jumping up. Then Peter had another idea.

"Hey yo Mr.Star-lord let's take a picture!" Peter ran over and took a quick picture of him and Quill. He then on Instagram posted the picture and wrote in the description '@buzzfeedunsolved look who I found Mr. Quill or now Star Lord! He was actually taken by an alien!'

A/N this is bad and quick but I liked the idea.

Signing off, Beanz500

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