SOS: Ship of Secrets

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Alright, I have a new book out. It has nothing to do with the Andiacchi series and nothing to do with the mafia. It would mean a lot if some of you would read it. I'll leave a description below. The first 6 chapters are already up. It's called SOS: Ship of Secrets

dhemcer gave me the idea for the next Andiacchi book back in 2017 and it's in the works for right now. Giovanni's story will finish up in the next book as well.

Also, Wife of A Mafia Boss just reached 100K. I'm so happy and proud. Thank you all so much for the support.

What happens when your past comes back to haunt you?

A group of former friends are forced onto a cruise ship and have to work together to find a way off.

Will revealed secrets change everything?

Will they find a way home?

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