08 - Stay

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"Try running away and I will call your mother"


"Group task, performing any song with dance choreograph, vocal and rap. All seven of you in one group. Details about the next evaluation day will be inform later"

Everyone take a look at their own phone. After reading it, some just sigh, some just keep quiet and some just looking everywhere. Since most of them are not really in a good mood especially after Hyosang left, they just went back into their own room without talking, leaving Jin and Taehyung at the living room since their bed is located there. The two didn't talk to each other either, just laying down on their own bed.


The next day, they started training like always but this time it is the whole group performance, not individual nor pair. And, the first thing Kim Seokjin did during their first training is coming to the practice room late. An hour late to be exact. As Jin bangs into the practice room with all of his university things, gathering all of the attention of the grumpy members.

"Listen here. I don't tolerate with people who has no discipline. You have your own schedule and follow it. It is bad enough that I have to coach you for this group performance with your poor dance skills, so don't make it harder for me"

Jung Hoseok says to Jin, as the said male is panting at the door. Obviously the eldest was running here.

"I'm sorry for coming late I have-" Jin says.

"Cut it off, no need for your excuses, I had enough of it" Hoseok replies.

So, by that, Jin shuts his mouth and quickly put all of his things on the table at the corner of the room. The next few days are the same but the only different is, Jin didn't come late anymore. Two days after being scolded by Hoseok, during their practice, Jin received a call from someone but everyone glares at him when he was about to answer it so instead of answering, Jin shut off his phone for extra focus on his training.

By the time Jin switch on his phone, he already received in total of nineteen missed call from the same person. It is just right after they finished practicing for that day. Everyone gathers their things walk to the van at the parking lot with Sejin following behind. Of course Sejin was there to sent the boys back home like always. When Jin is about to enter the van, his phone rings again making him stop his action and quickly answer the call earning groans from everyone in the car except for Sejin hyung.

"You forgot didn't you?" the female from the other side of the phone asks.

"What?" Jin asks back.

"You did forgot. Your appointment." She says, sounding tired.

"I'm sorry! I'm on my way there" Jin replies.

A sigh from the female.

"Don't rush here. Just take your time. I will wait" she states.

"I'm sorry. I will be as fast as I can" Jin replies.

And, with that, Jin cut off his phone call and walks to the driver side of the van, talking to Sejin.

"Hyung, I'm sorry but I have something coming up" Jin says.

"Just come in, I will send you there" Sejin replies.

"It's okay hyung, I will take the bus. Besides, the others are tired" Jin says reassuring and smiling warmly.

"Alright, be careful on your way. Call me if anything happened" Sejin replies.

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