My fuck buddy is my mate?

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Moving around from place to place this was exhausting I needed to release this frustration but all the guys wanted a damn serious relationship thinking I could be there mate! Oh my bad you probably don't  understand my name is Chloe Sanders I am a werewolf mates means soul mate but I don't want that you see mates will just make you weaker and softer and I just didn't think I could handle that.

"Chloe!" "Yes mother?" "We will be moving into a pack house so you better not start any trouble don't sleep with mated guys please." She said with seriousness I nodded I will not be going through that again I thought. When I turn eighteen I will make sure I will lock myself away from the world so my mate couldn't find me no heart break that was easy I really couldn't handle another  one of those.

I went in my car and drove fast hoping I could just forget once and maybe find a  fuck buddy with no strings attached a girl could dream right I sighed and drove as fast as I could to get out of there I was non stoppable nothing could hurt me I was untouchable no one could hurt me but I could hurt them I liked it that way with me always in control.

I drove off heading there  it only took me a couple of hours and I arrived ready to meet the alpha so I could start living in hell. I walked up to the pack it was a mansion it looked beautiful and peaceful as the guys wrestled and the kids played I went straight in and walked to the alphas room.

I knocked on the door "Come in." Said a sexy voice. When I entered he was hot wait more then that he was on fire! I licked my lips thinking of many dirty things I could do to him. "Chloe right?" He said as I noticed him checking me out. I blushed I never blushed I am in control I chanted and got my confidence back "Well I see you can read congratulations Mr.Alpha.

Am I stupid hes an Alpha and I am in so much trouble why did I do that? "Yes I can so you will be sleeping upstairs right down the hall from me." He said while smirking "Wat ever I am tired I said as I took my jacket off showing my tank top. As I did so his eyes turned black showing he was lusting over me.

I got my confidence and seductively walked to him "Do I turn you on?" He nodded his head slowly while pushing me against his desk trailing his fingers down my back. He growled in pleasure as he started kissing down my neck. I got up unwillingly and pushed him away while smirking.

*Hunters Point of view*

She did not just tease me an leave, no one ever made me so hard as she did I wanted her so bad! She could maybe be my fuck buddy no she had to be! I hoped she wasn't one of those girls who wanted serious relationships. I went straight to her room so I could know I opened the door and there she was naked while my beta Cole was thrusting in and out of her while she moaned and pulled his hair tighter as he kissed her.

I growled why did I just growl forget that back to Chloe she fell out of the bed as her silky cream ass hit the floor while Cole helped her up again covering her with blankets. "What is the meaning of this?" I said in Alpha tone and Cole shivered in fear as Chloe looked at me angrily damn she was fine when she was angry 

Snap out of it I looked at her and just hoped that those sheets would disappear Cole spoke up "Sorry Alpha I thought she would turn out to be my mate." "Well to bad I am not I don't want a serious relationship Conner!" She yelled "My NAMES COLE AND FORGET YOU!" Cole yelled as he left.

She looked at me and started talking "What  do you want"?! "So you don't want a serious relationship?" I questioned hoping she would answer no. "Nope" she said popping the p."I want a fuck buddy nothing serious no strings attached just sex but where will I find that?" 

I was happy she was a dream come true fate had solved my problems I could fool around with her as I waited for my mate life was just so sweet.