Morning Bagels~reader x Steve Rogers

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Light lazily comes through our bedroom windows as if even the sun is still dozing.
But you wake up the moment he leaves. His arms unwrap from around you and you feel the mattress dip where he sits before walking to the bathroom.
You roll over and spread out across the whole bed, feeling his warmth on his side of the bed. " Noooooo! Come back to bed. Its so early."
" Y/N, its 8:30. You have to work for a few more hours and then we are home free." Your boyfriend of ten months says from behind the closed bathroom doors.
" Work is so boring! All I do is talk to people and then tell other people about what they said. And sometimes set up meetings between them." You are referring to being a foreign service office.
" You call talking to the president boring?" Steve says as he pads back out of the other room and into yours. He is dressed in boxers and nothing else. You have his shirt.
" Only when I have to talk to him."
He huffs out a laugh, " as much as I want to stay here with you, who am I to keep the Cheif Coordinator of the Foreign Service department from running the world?"
He sits down on the edge of the bed and tilts his head. His lips make a little smile, blue eyes dancing, " well," you poke him in the chest. " You're Captain America. An Avenger. And an American cutie."
" How about this? I will come bring you lunch and Starbucks today, if you go to work. And then I'll make an exuse up later of why I need you to immediately come home."
" Really?" You ask.
" Yes."
You wrap you arms around his neck and bring him in for a kiss. Multiple kisses.
" Alright miss Y/L/N, up and at it."
" I will be up in a minute," you stretch out on the bed. " Can you make me a bagel?"
" Sure, hun'"

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