05: Flowers and Citruses

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"Alright I guess those were all the lines. Thanks for highlighting the ones that sounded weird." Clementine says, putting the script away
I move back on her bed, leaning against the wall. "Yeah, of course..."
Clementine tilts her head towards me and sits directly in front of me, narrowing her eyes.
"What's up Clem?" I ask
Clementine takes a look at the door for a quick second and immediately focuses her attention back to me. She tucks a stray strand of hair behind her ear and looks down.
"I sort of, like, you know... need to, tell you, uh, somet-something."
She stuttered and hesitated that whole sentence, I figure it's something really important to her.
"What is it? You can tell me."
Clementine laughs nervously. "I don't even know why I'm nervous, I know you'll be okay with it, but like, it's just the jitters and stuff."
It's weird seeing Clem vulnerable and flustered, she's usually holding this tough reputation and seen as someone who doesn't take shit from anyone; her confidence is through the roof. Just to see her wear down a bit, I felt kind of, bad.
"Well, start off slow and take a deep breath. I got time."
Clementine breaths in deeply again and looks at me. "So, I- uh, I'm... it's sort of like about me and you're the first person I'm telling this to."
I sort of smile. "I won't tell anyone, you have my word."
Clementine looks back down, muttering something.
"What'd you say?" I ask gently
Clementine looks back up to me, tears forming behind her glasses. "I'm bisexual."
My eyes widen and I immediately pull her in for a hug as she softly cries into my sweatshirt which I didn't mind. I let her let it all out for a bit, I know how difficult it is to come out. Especially when I came out to them sophomore year, I was a huge fucking mess. It's a big weight that you carry around with you for your whole life and then once you finally tell at least one person, you feel lighter. Clementine pulls away, lifting up her glasses and wiping her tears. She puts them back down, pushing the frame up with her finger.
"God that-that felt so good to just, say." She laughs
I smile at her, grabbing her hands, which I immediately regret, but it's an attempt to comfort her. "Thanks for telling me Clem. And it is truly the best feeling in world."
Clementine looks down at our hands and blushes a bit. Her hands immediately start to feel clammy which I didn't mind, but she retracted them back, wiping them off on her pants. "S-sorry, I just, uh, yeah."
I smile. "I don't mind."
There's a silence between us for a second.
"Clem, if you don't mind me asking... how'd you like, you know, find out?"
She twists her ring finger, an anti-stress trick that Mr. Everett taught her. "I- uh, promise not to tell anyone?"
I motion my hands to act like I zip my lips.
"So, there's this you know, girl I met when I first came to Ericson you know? And like, the minute I saw her, there's this strange feeling in my stomach."
I continue listening, but all I could think was, 'is it me? is it me?'
"We started hanging out a bit and I knew that this feeling I had wasn't like, not normal per se, but more- there was some reason why I felt like this." She breathes in again. "I realized a couple days later, that I like this girl, as in... more than a friend. And you know, I like her to this day. Then throughout the year, I got mini-crushes on like guys I've met and girls, but this one always stuck with me..."
I gulp, I could already feel my face and the tips of my ears turn bright red. "Well-uh, w-who is this girl? If your comfortable w-with saying."
Clementine looks back at me. "Kind of surprised you didn't pick up on it."
She places her hand on my thigh. "I- it's you Violet. it's you."
My heart rate when through the roof at this point, I start smiling and begin to act all giddy. "C-clementine. I- I like you too."
Her eyes widen. "What?"
"As in m-more than a friend."
She and I smile, both uttering "holy shit" at the same time, causing us to laugh.
Clementine grabs my hands. "So what now?"
I raise one eyebrow. "I think this is the part where one of us asks the other out. I don't know, I'm bad at romance."
"Well, then uh, Violet Cardarelli, w-will you, g-go out with me and be my g-girlfriend?"
I interlock our fingers and smile at her. "I would love to."

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