Chapter 1

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*hey :) so first off, thank you so much for clicking on my story! I really hope you enjoy reading this as much as I love writing it! I just started watching this show, obviously since the pilot came out yesterday. Buttt, I was so incredibly inspired by the unique stories and struggles that the characters in this show go through and share with each other that I absolutely HAD to write a story about it. This story does include an OC but hopefully you guys will admire just as much as the other characters. Enjoy :)*

Hello, Coma Boy here. It's been about a few months since Jordi and Kara came and Leo created the Red Band Society. Since then, nothing big has really happened. The usual, people come in and out with different illnesses or medical needs but don't stay awhile. One of the downsides I guess about living in a hospital; not many people stay. And it's even worse when you can't communicate with them like everyone else can. But, I overheard something exciting today. Incredible, even. Nurse Jackson was checking up on Kara earlier and she was talking about a new girl coming into our wing of the hospital. And get this, she's staying. Apparently, for as long as possible like the rest of us. I would've showed my excitement through my permanent blank expression if I could've, but somehow I think Kara already knew how happy I was. She's not as bad as she seems, although getting used to her opinionative personality is the hard part. Deep down, I think she just wants to be normal and fit in like the rest of us. All the more reason to keep the Red Band Society going strong.

"Hey Charlie, did you hear what nurse nightmare said? A new girl!"

Of course I did, Kara

"What am I saying, of course you heard. I bet you're least I hope you are. I guess I'm not the newbie anymore."

Kara always had a peculiar tone to her voice. It was like layers on top of layers. Her sentences came out rushed and hard, but if you listened closely you could hear the softness in them. It was like she was so scared, terrified even, to let people inside. She is kinder to me than the rest of the group though. I suppose it's because I can't respond and therefore an excellent listener. Not that I have much of a choice anyways.

"What's this I heard about a new girl plopping down on our territory?" Leo's wheels squeaked into the room with the sound of his entourage's footsteps behind him. Dash and Jordi, I'm guessing.

"Yo if I don't get some action soon I'm gonna go insane, I need first dibs on this new chick." Yep, definitely Dash.

Kara's menacing tone never failed to fill a room like Nurse Jackson fills up my nutrient bag, "Who let you losers in here? It's 9 in the morning, isn't it a little too early to deal with you guys?"

"Calm down, Pom Pom girl. We just wanted to see when the new girl is coming." I didn't need to be awake to know that Leo rolled his eyes at Kara's questioning.

"Whatever. Nurse Jackson said she was coming this afternoon. And she told me that you three are off limits to her while she gets situated. Apparently whatever she has is really bad and the doctors don't want you guys messing with her too much."

That bad, huh? Explains why she's one of the oh-so-lucky few to stay with us here so long. Jordi shot me out of my thoughts when he started talking. "I'm sure whatever is wrong with her isn't too bad that she can't have some fun with us. I mean, it's a hospital for god's sake, she can't stay cooped up in her room all day, can she?" Jordi had a point, like usual. We all deal with some pretty messed up things in the Red Band Society but that doesn't mean we let it bring us down and keep us hidden away like caged animals at the vet's office. I'm in a coma and I still manage to do stuff. Of course, not as glamorous as walking or talking but smelling the pizza Kara got for me sure was fun...

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