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Authors Note:

This chapter does have a bit of violence in it so just a warning incase you want to skip

After a night full of crying and thinking, Jacquie finally came up with a idea to get rid of Noah.

At Studio A:

A Troupe had just finished rehearsing and were on their lunch break. Jacquie was sitting with the rest of a troupe when Jack came in. They were all talking and laughing together - he spotted Jacquie and walked straight up to her and told her that he needs to speak to her. He grabs her wrist and pulls her over to the side of the juice bar where he thought nobody could hear them.

"Has your small brain figured out a way yet?" Jack bellowed, glaring, like he usually does

"I have actually" Jacquie says 

"Don't talk to me like that!" Jack says, raising his voice slightly, he grabs her wrist and holds it tightly, digging his nails in

"I'm sorry!" Jacquie says quickly, trying not to make a scene

"You should be, anyway - what is the plan?" Jack says, loosening his grip slightly

"I can't tell you here, what if any of them heard" She says, nodding her head at the direction of a troupe

"Hmm... true... meet me in the locker room at the end of rehearsal" Jack demands

"Ok" Jacquie replies and begins to make her way back to a troupe's table but Jack grabs her wrist and hisses "you better not tell anyone about this, then Jacquie nods her head and joins the rest of the troupe

"So what did Jack want?" Richelle questions

"Uhhh... nothing..." Jacquie lies, looking down at her hands

"When did you... or should I say who, did that?" Henry asks Jacquie, pointing at the red mark around her left wrist. Jacquie doesn't say anything, and just as Henry was going to ask again, Emily walked in with Noah and called them all back to rehearsal.

Henry's POV:

I saw what Jack did to Jacquie. I've also noticed how much more quite and nervous she has got lately - she has never been quite, nor nervous. She was one of the loudest, most feisty, and sarcastic members of a troupe last year so I have no idea what's changed apart from her breakup with Noah but she seemed to get over that relatively quickly. I'm going to find out though!

At the end of rehearsal, I hide in the locker room, behind one of the curtains because I heard her whole conversation with Jack about meeting her here and soon enough I hear Jack calling Jacquie's name. He waits there for around 10 minutes and then Jacquie shows up. I get out my phone quickly and press the record button, I find a little whole in the curtains and I place my phone's camera there.

"WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?" Jack shouts at her slapping her across her face

"I'm sorry... Richelle was speaking with me..." Jacquie stumbles 

"THAT'S NO EXCUSE, YOUR A WASTE OF SPACE!" Jack shouts at her, punching her hard in her stomach. Jacquie stands there and cries whilst Jack continues to shout at her

"YOU KNOW WHAT? IT WOULD BE BETTER IF I WAS JUST WORKING BY MYSELF, YOU'RE NOTHING! YOU'LL NEVER BE ANYTHING! YOU CANNOT EVEN FOLLOW MY SIMPLE ORDERS!" Jack shouts at her, and then out of his frustration her picks up the blue china vase with some flowers in them and smashes the vase over her head. I watch as she falls to the floor unconscious, with her head bleeding. I press stop on my recording and watch as Jack runs away, leaving Jacquie lying there. I quickly come out of my hiding spot and run to studio a to see if anyone is there but there is only me. As I come back to the locker room, I see that Jacquie has stopped breathing...

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