Cruel Intentions

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I walked into the dimly lit coffee shop only a few block from where I work. Then sat down at a table near the front of the shop.

"Hello." I said to the red headed woman sitting next to me. She looked over to where I was sitting. The sun was shinning through the door behind us into her hazel green eyes.

"Hi?" she said a little confused at who I was, and unsure if we've met before.

"That's a good book your reading." I showed her my book, which I was just setting down next to her prompted elbow. Then she looked down, and see that we both have the book.

She smiles and says, "Yeah it is. Uhh may I ask who you are?"

I smile back and nodded, but I don't tell her my name just yet; so I say, "Yes you may," I want her to repeat herself, which I hated doing but love making people do.

She just looked at me odd and asked me, "So are you going to tell me who you are?"

"Yeah, sorry, It's James, from work." Well that's what would have happened if I would have even had it in me to talk to her - even at the office; since we are only to cubicles away from each other, at deadbeat company that selects random phone numbers; calls them to make them pick one of five prizes that they've won.

She looked up to see what was going on in the coffee shop, just like every other day she's in here. She's been coming here since she started working there about two years ago.

I only now that she's been coming here because I followed her in when I was walking home from work one day. Just to see what she does after work. I have been going there ever since. Plus they have really good coffee there.

That day we started working together was the day I knew she was meant for me. Because I remembered, the first time...

think tomorrow I will talk to her. My dreams should not be wasted into lost dreams. These dreams should be fulfilled, no matter what. My dreams will happen. I don't care how it ends I just want to do the one thing I've dreamed of ever since I meet her.

After coffee I stopped by the supermarket to pick up something for tonight supper. Do that, eat then go to bed about 10pm, get up about 8am, then go to work 8: 45am.

When I get to work, go to my cubical and day dream, unless I really need to be doing something for the boss.

I laid back in my chair, put up my feet on my little desk, and started to daydream, about the ways to fulfil my dream, the dream that I had since I started working here, the first time I saw her. Then I dosed off for a few minutes.

"Get your ass to work!" My boss said while pushing my feet off the little desk, making me almost fall out of my chair. 'Arsehole. Oh well I'll take care of that soon enough...' I thought.

"Yes sir!" I look back at my computer screen, finding pop ups saying things like "You have one a trip for two to Hawaii!", but I see this, "Your a Loser James!" in my mind, and "great more competition."

It reminded me of a quote from this book I've read once, "Life sucks, then you die..." Why not think that way when your boss is a dick, you have a job that sucks - because nobody really wants what the company "gives away" - and the girl that you want, you can't have - either she's a lesbian or that she has a boyfriend all ready - and parents that stop talking to you because you've slept with a few guys before. It's a good thing my grandparents left me their life savings, when they both died. Leaving me with a hefty amount of money.

This means things will change. Soon, so very soon they will change...

"Hey, James," I heard my name being called, but I didn't think it was real so I kept to my work.

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