Part 2

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I go to the gate and saw a figure.

"What is it?" I ask the guy

"It's for you" he said and show me all the massive accessories

"I can't pay for this" I said

"It's originally for you" he said and leave.

"Y/n!!!" I heard Eun yelled

"What are you these?" Baek ah ask

"Someone gave it" I said looking at the accessories

"It must be from Yo" Won teased

"Are you testing my nerves?" I ask

"No, I was joking" he said that makes Eun and Baek Ah laugh

"I'm just kidding" I said

"How can I carry all these?" I ask myself

"Y/n! What's that?" I heard someone ask

"Oh! Yo!" Won said and wrap his arm on Yo's shoulder

"What are these?" Yo ask again

"I don't know, the guy said someone gave it to me" I said scratching my neck

"Guards!" Yo yelled

"Yes? Your majesty?" They ask and bow to us and I did the same.

"Put all this in the trunk also, don't let strangers give a gift to Y/n " he ordered

"Yes, your majesty" they said and get it. But I saw a card.

"Wait!" I said and ran to the bag their carrying and get the paper.

"What's that? Can I see?" Eun ask

"No! I'll see this myself" I said and walk off.

I walk around while holding the paper. I decided to open it while walking when someone snatch it.

"Yahh!" I yelled and look it was Yo

"Give me that" I said trying to get the paper

"Why? Is this from your lover?" He ask raising his hand up

"No, give me that" I said and jump to reach his hand.

"Kiss me first" he said

"In your dreams" I said successfully got the card.

I go to my room and lock it. I was about to open the card when someone knock that makes me flinch.

"Who is it?" I ask

"It's the queen" it said I got shock and quickly hide the card then open the door.

"I'm sorry" I said and bow.

"It's ok, I came to here to tell you something" she said

"Have a seat" I said

"You know Yo has a feelings for you right? Sooner or later he will be the king" she said

"Isn't Crown Prince Moo will be the king soon?" I ask

"No, but I can't tell you the plan, yet." She said

"When Yo become the king you'll be his queen, can you? No, do you have a feelings for him?" She ask

"Actually, I don't feel anything when I'm with him" I said

"I know it must be too early to ask that, but if you like one of my son tell me, ok? You can like all of them except So, ok?" She Said , I nodded and she take her leave.

Why do they hate So that much? I ask myself. I remember the card. I quickly lock the door and open it.

Dear Y/n,
By the time you read this, I must be dead and your already 17, I am your father who got killed when you are 7.

I told them to give this to you after 10 years and you just received it.

It's Queen Yoo who ordered to kill us and left you. If you're in the palace, please be safe. Especially near the royals

Queen Yoo's plan from the first is, adopt you, let you marry one of the prince then once they get what they want they will abandoned you. That's the last thing I heard, I don't know if they will abandoned you or not, but please be safe.

Your father 🖤

I can't stop my tears, I'm in a mess. I wipe my tears and head out.

"Y-----" I did not let Jung complete his words I quickly ran.


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