Episode 1- chapter 1

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The practical

"My name is Emery Williams and I'm a witch, Most people call me 'The prohibido' which actually meant a Forbidden. I'm hated by almost all the witches to grace the earth, Lucifer wants to eat my soul, the whole of Brestle Cove was in danger because of me. And it all started with a practical"

Emery's head was hung low as she made her way to her locker, trying really hard to fight the attention off of her, this was her third week in Brestle Cove and just like she didn't expect it, no actual attention was on her.

It wasn't always like this, back in Denville high, she was the talk of the school, the queen bee, the idol that every other girl worshiped.

But ever since the mysterious death of her family, she moved over to Brestle Cove in an attempt to start over.

She hated being the nerd, but she had to live up to the promise she made to her mother. She simply promised to be better.

The only way she could think of was to be the victim and yes, the victim she became.

Emery Williams changed from a girl with the high-class sassy attitude to the girl with the thick rimmed glasses and a attitude that made every other girl want to puke.

But she didn't care, she would do anything to stop herself from gaining the attention she always does, to herself.

Walking pass different lockers, she finally reached her locker.

"Why is she always quiet?"

Emery's head turned to the direction of the voice to find none other than Judy Lebran, one of the most popular girl in their year, Cyrus Clerk and Felix Dunley stood there with her, they weren't even hiding the fact that they were staring at her.

Emery shifted her gaze from them, feeling really uncomfortable.

"She's new, she'll blend in, why are you bothered about her?" Felix Dunley replied with a crook smirk on his face.

  Judy, Cyrus and Felix were considered to be the most popular in Brestle high, the most respected and wealthy.

"I don't know," Judy Shrugged her shoulders... "She's not even making an attempt to talk to anyone and no one is making an attempt to talk to her-"

"And you're obviously not making an attempt to hide the fact that you're talking about her." Cyrus chipped in.

This time, Emery looked over at the group, her eyes immediately locking with Cyrus's, she felt her heart pick up pace, then she looked away.

She had always had a thing for Cyrus. Who in Brestle high didn't have a thing for Cyrus, he was the most brilliant, popular, sweetest guy to ever exist and he was really good looking and super hot.

"Whatever, I'm just worried, that's all." Judy said.

"But you barely know her, she has her reasons for staying below the radar." Felix said, looking over at Emery who was getting some books from her locker. "She looks pretty though." He smirked.

Cyrus hit his shoulder playfully. "Come on dude, we'll be late for class." The group made their way to biology, the same class Emery had.

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