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Jimin: daddyyyyyy

Jungkook: yes,jiminie?

Jimin: im a big boy!

Jungkook: is that so baby?

Jimin :yes!

Jungkook:how big baby? Because u look like my good little boy in that pikachu onsie.

Jimin :this big! *slowly unzip onsie to show Jungkook his lingere*

Jungkook: *choked on air


I'm back with a new part! do you miss me? no? but I miss youuuu...TT

though my homework is very much like a mountain everest, but I'm in a mood to publish and you guys want me to publish so this is ... but if I get scolded for not completing my homework, I'll blame you!

Hehe,just kiddingggg ☾♡

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