The Meeting I

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Zelah woke up to his fingers lazily running up and down her arms, and smiled slightly with her eyes closed. She wasn't sure what time it was but it was still dark out. The room was dark, save the lamp on Sam's side of the bed emanating a orangey-yellow glow.

She felt comfort, more than she'd ever felt in years. His warmth felt like peace in the flesh. She moved closer and breathed him in, before sighing in happiness. He was the man that she loved, through and through. They weren't perfect as a couple or individually, but together, together they made a good team.

“Hey baldy,” he whispered against her neck, which tickled and she giggled.

“You're never going to stop calling me that, are you?” Subconsciously, they intertwined their fingers between them and laid on one pillow. “Good morning, Mr. Holden.”

He smiled and closed his eyes. “Nope. Good morning, Mrs. Holden.”

She just shook her head and stared at him, her gaze soft and curious. She decided to just let herself go and trust him. They'd been through a lot and somehow he still managed to stay with her and love her despite her shortcomings.

I love you so much.

“Are you okay?” His thumb brushed over her bottom lip, as he tried to get her attention. “What are you thinking about?”

“I'm good, babe. Just thinking about different things, my life in particular.”

“What about it?”

She stared at their linked hands as she spoke. “I want to do this with you. All of it. I've trust you. No matter what it might cost me. That is, if you still want me.”

“Hey,” he lifted her chin to stare into her eyes, “I do. I always have. Probably always will, but let's not push it.”

She started laughing and pushing at his chest. “Must you joke about everything?”

“With you, yeah. It takes away the fear of losing myself in you. Because I mean every word I say.” He sighed and sat up, the sheets dropping to his waist.

“And that's...bad?” She followed suit and stared at him, a million thoughts running through her head.

Of course it is. I'm a self proclaimed flight risk.

“Not really, no. It's just the fear of losing you again… it's eating away at me.” He avoided her eyes, got off the bed and went into the bathroom.

She followed and met him hunched over the sink. Her hands wrapped around his torso of their own accord and she leaned against his back. “I'm not going anywhere, Sam.”

“You said that last time.”

“Did I?” She smiled and snuck under his hands to look at his face. The pillow created lines on one side of his face, which completed the i-just-woke-up look. “I don't remember.”

“It's still funny huh? Okay. Next time, I'll sic my mama on you,” he said softly, with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

“There won't be a next time. I promise,” she shook her head and hugged him. He sighed into her neck and hugged her back, however briefly.

“Okay enough with the mushy stuff. I'm hungry,” he tried prying her off him but she just clung to him and wrapped her legs around his waist.

“Me too. Whatchu cooking?” She giggled when he started tickling her sides in an attempt to get her off. “AHHHHH STOP!!”

“You'll make me breakfast?” They fell on the bed with him tickling her more.

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