Chapter 1

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Kageyama had already known that there was something... hidden to Hinata's personality.

Not something intentionally hidden, but a part that Hinata hadn't realized he had.

And since the day they had become teammates, since they had begun working with eachother, Kageyama had become much more acutely aware of Hinata.

'Sometimes Hinata gets this really intimidating air around him... He's probably not conscious of it.'

Kageyama was probably the first (along with that poor middle school teammate of Hinata's) to experience that air. The senpai all had caught a glimps of it at some point, and Yachi got an accidental first hand experience of it. Even Nekoma seems to have some awareness of the sunshine child's hidden facet. And then there was the run in with Ushiwaka...

But Kageyama would always, always be much more attuned to it. As long as they were in the same room, Kageyama had realized, he could almost sense when the shorter boy went into that intimidation mode.

And no one had realized just how potent the ginger haired crow's aura could be. Not until they finally had their match against Shiratorizawa.


It was deafening in the stadium. Thousands of people were there cheering, screaming, clapping for the two teams. The current champions against the returning veterans.

Shiratorizawa vs. Karasuno.

Most every team that Karasuno had faced in the spring tournament were there, cheering them on. They had set their hopes in Karasuno, and they would give it their all to usurp Shiratorizawa from their throne.

It was a grueling battle, frustrating in that despite Ushijima's through the roof arrogance, his team was solidly put together, if a bit seemingly put off by their captain. Scoring is like rain in a desert, little, if at all possible, and seemingly a miracle when is does happen. Hinata is especially frustrated, because while he hasn't been completely shut out just yet, they've been keeping up with him much quicker than anticipated.

It's currently 16-16 in the first set. They had somehow managed to squeeze out enough points for a minor deuce.

And Ushijima's commentary wasn't helping Hinata's flaring nerves.

"Where is that challenge you issued? Or is this really all you've got?" The tall senior questioned. Hinata gritted his teeth and glared at the ground, his fists trembling with rage.

Even from the stands, they could clearly see the ginger haired boy's frustration.

"That #10 ain't gonna last if he doesn't calm down." Iwaizumi stated. Oikawa grimaced next to him. Was it really bad that a part of him was still a bit bitter over losing and wanted his uselessly cute kohai's team to fail? But, at the same time, Ushijima's barbs at the little ginger crow made him cheer them on, if only to knock Ushijima off his high horse.

"... That's weird..." Aone looked over at Futakuchi in confusion. "It almost seems like Karasuno's setter is paying extra attention to #10 between points. Like he's worried or something." Aone's gaze centered on the two first years, and watched.

And it was true. Kageyama was worried about Hinata, but not in the way most people probably thought.

'He's getting angry... If Ushijima keeps push him like this, that side of Hinata might appear...' The black haired setter thought, his eyes trained on Hinata. 'I can feel it stiring, just under the surface. If it comes out...'

"It seems that it may have been just hot air." Ushijima didn't seem to know when to stop pushing, does he? Though Ushijima wants to rile up the tiny player, he really didn't know Hinata, and he doesn't know he's about to cross a line.

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