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Jimin: daddy,am i ever too needy?

Jungkook: all littles are needy,baby.

Jimin: yes, i know but am i TOO needy? I ask for juice and snack and bath and hairs brushes and back rub and playtime and for you to put my phone on my changer and-

Jungkook: did you ever think maybe daddy is a daddy because he needs to feel needed? Ne needs to take care of someone and feel incomplete when he cant?

Jimin: no,but-

Jungkook: shhh baby, yes,you're needy but daddy needs you to be needy. Daddy is needy for your neediness. Understand needibutt?

Jimin: yes daddy,may i have a juice please?

Jungkook: no.

Jimin: WHA-

Jungkook: just kidding baby,daddy will get you juice, AND a sniky-snack, AND put a movie, you snuggle your stuffie and be pretty. Daddy loves you jiminie.

 Daddy loves you jiminie

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