Chapter 19

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I dodge out of the way. As the knife shoots out of the wall, deforming into flames. I raise my arm aiming my bracelet at him as I concentrate its power... And nothing came out.


Then a blast shot out of nowhere, hitting directly to his face as he fell on the ground, knocking the table. As I ran up and pin him down.

"Come one Ms. Greene. Join us and we could be unstoppable. Humans are weak compared to us! Unless Captain will..."

"Shut up. Get out of his head you cayote shit!"

He laughed.

"You don't wanna hurt your professor do you—"

Before he could finish. I aim my bracelet at him and then it blasted a ball, directly at his face.

"You didn't let me finish my sentence! " He shouted.

"This is mystery, man. Not drama. Suck it."

I retorted as his eyes flashed screaming in pain and then slowly he opened his eyes. As his pupils return to normal.

"Ms. Greene! What happened?" He exclaimed as I propped my knee on the floor and lift him up slowly.

Act stupid

"Someone put a carrot in your butthole."

Not that stupid!

He looked at me in confusion as I bit my inner lip. Then he sighed.

"I shouldn't have ate the Scorpio Burrito...Uh... Thank you for... Stopping myself to poop." He said thoughtfully. Phew.

I slammed my hand on the table.

"You sneaky son of a bitch." I hissed. As Professor John dropped his pen and calmly looked at me.

"Cursing isn't allowed in—"

"Its an expression. I should've killed you when I had the chance!" I lift my bracelet focusing on the energy, as I unleash the power out.

...But nothing came out.

"Did you forget?" Professor John leaned from his seat, playing a curved smile."You couldn't kill a cult that's part of the dominion and we protected ourselves from those enchantments and spells. And nothing will stop us."

I launched at him— but a force shook me back that pricked my skin.

"Hm. Stupid mortals." Professor John sipped his coffee as I laughed.

"Since when did this started?" I breathed heavily.

"Look. We didn't mean for this to happen. Mortals shouldn't know about the dominion. We're guardians of the world the dominions, and the reason why we're killing people is to prevent them becoming skeleton flesh, and animal creatures.

"The dominion contains a lot of negative energy. It attracts people to fall into the Beneath. Putting them into their fantasy, home and safe, but there's a side of it... It will steal your soul or turning you into a creature. We want people to forget they saw the Beneath or else they might expand or destroy the source or its heart." He explained.

I narrow my eyes in thought. It does makes sense since there are reported missing civilians. And footage of the creatures lurking in the forest and its filled with power. I felt the presence of the room heavy and metal which makes me hate empty rooms even more.

But I have to stand my guard and I want them to prove they're trustworthy.

"What about the shadow creature?" I mentioned with impact of confidence.

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