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first off i apologize for disappearing for like a year and lowkey neglecting all the requests oof sorry bout that life got in the way rip

but i have decided that i am going to rewrite this bad boi yes family is getting rewritten under a new name yall and it's gon be great (because i kinda just sped through the plot without actually planning anything first time i wrote this and that's why imo it's kinda all over the place with no like set climax it kinda just ends with no warning lmao)

don't worry for those of you who like this one it's staying up and i'm putting the rewrite in a new story so look out for that

it's gonna be called "nepenthe" and i'm still planning it out rn but it's gonna be so cool lmao i'm hyped

tbh the ever-looming threat of endgame coming out this month brought this on lmao cuz i do like the overall plotline of this fic but i feel like i can do it justice better, and it's been a whole year since i finished this and my writing skillz have improved a lot since then so i thought it was time lmao

so yeah! nepenthe is gonna be coming out soon and imma update this one for the last time when i finally do release it and then just focus on that one 

thank you everyone for reading this in the first place and giving this fic a chance lmao, see ya then !!

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