Chapter 67

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Complying with my dad’s wishes to close the door behind me, I soon made my way rapidly back to the stairs, retaking his arm once more as I clung to him. The terrified whispers that emanated from Midge told us exactly where they were, and thankfully, he couldn’t hear us because of them.

I honestly thought that I was about to faint, my heart had never beat so rapidly in my chest and my palms had never felt so sticky with sweat as I tried to calm myself down.

There was just something about my dad’s demeanour that told me he wasn’t going to let Shaun get away with the first time he touched Midge, let alone what he was doing or was about to do to her now.

His fists were white in colour, and his aggression had transcended simple rage. In fact, I had never seen him quite so mad before. I could feel the slight tremble of his arm as he tried to fight the rage that evidently began to consume him as his jaw clenched and we reached the top of the stairs.

It was apparent that he had to control his reflexes from swatting me away from him as I clung to his back, and as I took the subtle hints that he wanted me to let go, he crept silently along the hallway floor, towards the room where Midge’s whispered cries could be heard.

I also reached the top of the stair case and watched him move swiftly towards the door as Midge began to plead with Shaun not to hurt her again. His reply could be heard with a swift yet audible slap, which pushed my dad over the edge.

He ripped the door open, subsequently tearing it away from its hinges and threw himself at Shaun who was hovering over Midge, trying to undo her jeans. Shaun resisted at first, trying to push my dad back and away from him; but my dad was simply too strong.

Although admittedly, Shaun gave a fairly decent retaliation, my dad pushed him back against the wall of his apparent bedroom with ease, repeatedly smashing his head off the wall itself after grabbing hold of his head.

He emitted a low groaning sound, clearly trying to supress the pain he was feeling so as to not come across as weak – but it was no use. My dad was too strong for him.

Midge lay back on the bed, cowering slightly at the sight of what was happening, still in shock and probably unaware of everything going on around her as it all happened too fast to comprehend in her state.

So, I sat down on the edge of the bed, pulling her up and into a hug. She shook in my arms, but I felt that finally, I had actually done something right in that family.

She began to sob quietly into my shoulder as we both closed our eyes. She was terrified and I didn’t really want to see what my dad was doing to Shaun.

After another few minutes, things went silent and I opened my eyes to see a half conscious Shaun scrambling across the floor, trying to pick up a few of his teeth. Although very much so, my dad looked far from accomplished.

His chest heaved and he glared angrily at him as he swiftly left the room. There was a tense and unsettling atmosphere over the three of us until my dad was satisfied that Shaun had left the house.

I squeezed Midge tightly, and all she could whisper in her shocked state was “thank you” repeatedly as I continued to comfort her. Matt at this point also perched himself on the edge of the bed and rubbed her back soothingly.

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