Finn | 2 AM

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"Y/n." I heard in my ear, I scrunched up my nose before opening my eyes.

"What?" I asked rubbing my eyes snappily.

"Get up." He said placing his hands on my stomach.

"No." I growled turning away from him.

Finn turned me over and started to tap my stomach "Yes! Please?"

I groaned "Fine." I sat up and opened my eyes "What?"

Finn grabbed my hand "Wanna go on a 7/11 run?" He asked a playful smile on his face.

I furrowed my eyebrows "Are you shitting me?"

Finn rolled his eyes "Yes! Please?"

I gave him a blank look "I'm sleeping as soon as we get back here."

"Okay." He said, knowing very well I wouldn't. "Okay."

"We'd better go out the window, I don't want my Dads to ban you from seeing me."

Finn scoffed "They love me."

I rolled my eyes and pushed his face away from mine "Go get my shoes."

He got out of bed and slipped on his shoes, tossing my platform old school vans at me. "I'll drive."

I snorted as I finished tying my shoe "Like I would."

Finn chuckled before helping me out of bed, we quietly opened the window and carefully slid out, stepping onto the roof carefully.

"Babe be careful, if you jump down that way you'll get cut on that electrical box." Finn warned.

"It'll be a fun story for the kids right?" I asked not caring and jumping down.

My knee smacked the box that I was just warned about real good, giving me a little cut. "Ow fuck." I groaned.

Finn jumped down and looked down at it "I'll clean it up I have a first aid kit in my car."

I crossed my arms as a cool breeze grazed my exposed skin "Why didn't you tell me to bring a sweater?"

"Because I'm not your mother." He said taking off his sweater "Here."

I smiled before putting it on, I gave him a kiss on the cheek "You're so cute."

Finn scrunched up his nose with a small smile on his face before he opened the car and cleaning up my cut. He slid over to the drivers side and began to drive to the nearest 7/11.

We walked into 7/11 and I ran my fingers through my disgustingly messy hair "I can't believe I let you let me come out here looking like a crackheads baby momma." I said shaking my head as he grabbed a bag of Takis.

He wrapped his arms around me "Does this mean you're pregnant?"

I rolled my eyes "Get the fuck off me." I chuckled.

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