♡ Happy Birthday Mingyu! ♡

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"Aye! Mingyu~! Happy birthday!" Sunny said as she burst through the door in the practice studio.

Mingyu have the girl a smile and proceeded on with what he was doing before she had come in. Sunny walked over to Mingyu, sitting beside him as she watched him do some work.

"Work? On your birthday?" Sunny asked.

"We always work. All day, everyday." Mingyu replied.

"Yeah, but you're doing real work." Sunny said as she pointed to the boys computer.

Mingyu shrugged and just went on doing what he was doing. Sunny sat there for a few seconds as she thought of something to do with Mingyu instead of having him doing work on his birthday. She jumped up when she thought of the perfect plan.

"Let's go get ice cream!" Sunny said excitedly.

It took a while to convince Mingyu to get up and move away from his computer, but in the end it was successful. Both of them left the studio and went on their way to the ice cream shop.

Once both Mingyu and Sunny had gotten their ice cream, they sat and talked about a few things. Mostly personal stuff that they never really got the chance to talk about with one another. Other than talking, most of their journey was jokes and laughter.

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