"I'm telling you the truth!" Klaus retorted.

"Why'd he do it then?" Five inquired.

"He said it was the only way to get us all home again." Klaus shrugged.

"Dad wouldn't just kill him self." Luther scoffed.

Five hummed in disagreement. "You said it yourself. He was depressed. Holed up in his office and room all day and night."

"There weren't any signs. Suicidal people exhibit certain tendencies, strange behaviors." Luther shook his head.

"Like sending someone to the Moon for no reason?" Klaus asked.

"I swear to god, Klaus, if you're lying..."
"I'm not!"

Suddenly, Pogo entered the room. "Master Klaus is correct." Pogo announced.

Everyone quickly turned their heads, in surprise, at Pogo. "Regretfully, I helped Master Hargreeves enact his plan. So did Grace. It was a difficult choice for both of us. More difficult than you could ever know. Prior to your father's death, Grace's programming was adjusted so that she was in capable of administering first aid on that fateful night." Pogo elaborated.

"Sick bastard." Five cursed.

"So the security tape I saw...?" Luther spoke directly to Pogo.

"It was meant to further the murder mystery. Your father hoped that being back here, solving it together... would reignite your desire to be a team again." Pogo explained, a bit shamefully.

"And to what end?" Five inquired.

"To save the world, of course." Pogo spoke in a matter of factly tone.

Klaus laughed nervously. "Alright."

"First the Moon mission and now this. You watched me search for answers and said nothing. Anything else you want to share, Pogo? Any other damn secrets?" Luther raised his voice.

"Calm down, Luther. I may not know Pogo very well, but I do know this is not his fault. Get over the moon mission. It's over. Move on." Luca scolded Luther.

"No," Luther turned to Luca with angry eyes, "I won't calm down. We've been lied to and manipulated our entire lives. You aren't even a part of this family. You don't have a say." Luther growled.

"Woah, woah, woah." Klaus attempted to intervene on the argument.

"I sure as hell may be a part of this damn family. I am just like all of you! Five and I seem to be the only ones with enough sense to realize that the pressing issue is the apocalypse. If you would all stop worrying about yourselves, maybe you could all be a family— perhaps for the first time— without worrying about who or what you are going to fight tomorrow. Your family needs to stick together now more than ever, yet, Diego and Alison are gone now. Even Vanya gets excluded from everything and she grew up with you. You may not like me for my honesty, but I am fully invested in this family as you are. I wouldn't be here if I weren't." Luca stood up from the breakfast table to stand eye level to Luther.

Luca's eyes seemed to have darkened as he reprimanded Luther, almost in a demonic way, but all of his words came out of pure love, never hate. Luther huffed and exited the kitchen, refusing to accept the fact that he had just been scolded.

* * *

Diego had rushed home urgently, looking for someone to get help from. Klaus has been crocheting on his bed, while Luca and Five silently pondered over the fact that daddy Hargreeves had known the apocalypse was coming a week before. When Diego hurried into the room, he simply announced "Allison's in trouble." then hurried out of the room. Though brief, it was enough to get Luca, Klaus and Five up and hurrying after Diego to help.

* * *

Diego, Luca, Klaus and Five quickly found Luther at a nearby bar within the hour. "Leave me alone." Luther groaned as he watched the four stumble into the pub.

"Give us minute." Diego waved off Luca, Luther and Five.

"Ugh, come on. Maybe they'll brood each other to death." Klaus rolled his eyes and lead the other two to take a seat elsewhere.

Diego spieled everything that was happening with Allison. Diego and Allison had found out who Harold Jenkins was. It was Vanya's new boyfriend. And he was a convicted murderer. And Allison... had decided to go after Harold Jenkins herself. As soon as Luther heard Allison was in trouble, he was up on his feet ready to go. He had forgotten all of his brooding and self pity time just for Allison.

All five rushed out of the pub and began to drive to Harold Jenkins' vacation home in which he seemed to have taken Vanya away to.

* * *

As soon as they got there, they rushed into the home and the first thing they saw was Allison's dead body laying there— her throat slit open and blood seeping all over the carpet. "Allison, no!" Luther dropped to his knees and tried to lift her head.

Luca gasped at the horrid sight. Luther began to cry and everyone else was far too much in shock to react in any way.

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