Chapter 5

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* no one's pov*

Warning Chapter

Baekhyun knocks on the door and Brenda quickly opens it. She pulls Baekhyun in and pushes him on the bed.

"whoa! Ok what about hi?"

Brenda- shut up.

"excuse me don't."

Brenda gets ontop of Baekhyun and pins his arms down.

Brenda- I'm in control.

"don't make this weird."

Brenda- missed me?

" no not really."

Brenda- is it because I'm always on your mind?

" can these two hours go by faster?"

Brenda- why can't you be a good boy?

"ok go ahead."

Brenda- give me your hands.

Baekhyun puts his hands out and she handcuffs them in front of him. She sits him up and then pushes him back on the bed.


Brenda- you are going to be my dog tonight.


Brenda- you know pet play?

" I'm not an animal Brenda."

Brenda slaps Baekhyun and he gasps.

" I know you didn't slap me."

Brenda-  it's mistress.

" dogs don't call their owners mistress."

Brenda- dogs don't talk at all.

She grabs a ball gag and straps it in Baekhyun's mouth. Baekhyun groans around it and rolls his eyes. Brenda grabs him and pushes him on the floor.

Brenda- now crawl.


Brenda- crawl.

Baekhyun sits up and stays there. Brenda shakes her head and digs in her closet.

Brenda- I'm paying you $4,300 you better crawl.

She puts dog ears on Baekhyun's head and grabs a whip.

Brenda- what did I say?


Brenda hits Baekhyun and he yelps him pain. He starts crawling around. She continues to whip him until she sees red all over. Brenda kneels down to Baekhyun's level and takes the gag out of his mouth. Baekhyun coughs and Brenda puts the whip away.

Brenda- are you going to be a jackass now?


Brenda- we have a whole other hour baby.

Baekhyun responds sarcastically

"that's exactly what I want."

Brenda slaps him again and he looks down.

Brenda- awe am I hurting you?

Baekhyun sniffles and Brenda laughs.

Brenda- I'm just getting started baby. I don't care if you get hurt. I'm a sadist in case you didn't know. Seeing people in pain turns me on. 

Brenda reaches over Baekhyun and grabs a black blindfold.

"wait no no. I want to see what the hell you're doing."

Brenda- you don't have to see it, if you can feel it.

"wait no let me go. I don't like this at all. You need to let me go."

Brenda- sorry baby. I'm just now having fun.

" no seriously let me go!"

Brenda only laughs puts the blindfold around Baekhyun's eyes. Baekhyun whines in defeat when Brenda pushes him on his back.

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