07 - Vile Truth

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I just went there” Jin replies.


Without paying much attention, Jin decides to just sleep and figure how to fix the things later. For now, just sleep since he got his classes in the morning and job in the afternoon. He need more energy so he needs sleep. And by that, Jin called it a day.


About few hours after, Jin woke up to prepare himself for his class. Since he finished preparing himself quite early, Jin just decided to make simple breakfast for everyone. Fried eggs, seaweed soup and some rice. Just a simple meal. After finished cooking, Jin set all the food on the table for everyone and including himself. Since everyone is still sleeping and has about few more hours since the start their day, Jin decides to just eat alone.

Well, not like he ate with them before though. He never ate with them together. Although they live in the same house, although the trained together for some time, he never eat with them together. So, here he is, at the dining table  in the kitchen, eating his food while his other hand is checking his broken bracelet.

Right after he finished eating his food, he grabs his backpack, putting all the necessary papers and his laptop in there before finally wearing his sweater and went out to start his day as a student.

It was about thirty minutes to an hour after Jin left the dorm that the others start to wake up. The first one to wake up is Jimin, then he straight away waking up Taehyung and Jungkook for school. Since the three of them are still a school student, they need to go to school. They already skip school for training too much until they can’t anymore. Any skipping will only cause them to be dropped out from school. When Jimin already finished preparing himself and waking up the others, he walks to the kitchen to maybe grabs a banana for breakfast since they usually never cook any breakfast.

What Jimin found in the kitchen is a bit surprising actually because there is no way anyone of them will cook in the early morning. Food covered by protective cover. And besides, as far as he knows, he never hear any noise of cooking. These food on the table in front of him is no doubt is all Jin’s deed. Then the others join Jimin at the kitchen for banana or coffee or whatever including Hyosang, Namjoon, Hoseok and Yoongi.

“Heat up the soup if it gets cold”

A note says.


It was at around 5 in the evening that Jin came home to the dorm for a quick shower and for changing to more comfortable clothes. No one is at the dorm since all of them are still in the practice room. When Jin walks inside the dorm, his heart shattered a bit when he see the food he cook early in the morning was left untouched. In between sad to mad, Jin is mostly on the mad part rather than sad but it still hurt though.

If they didn’t want to eat his food, at least put it back into the pot and heat up the soup for a bit so that it didn’t get bad. A waste of time, a waste of his energy. If Jin knows this thing will happened, he will never cook for them. Those food he cook can actually feed six people in need but instead now, no one in need could have those food because it’s already turn bad. What he hates the most is wasting something. That is why he is more mad than sad.

With a sigh, Jin cleans up the whole table and just go prepare himself before joining the others to start his training.

As Jin walks slower to the practice room with hands in his sweater pocket, suddenly his right hand touch the broken watch that he put in his pocket last night so that he can get it fix today but he did nothing to day. He got no time to fix it and besides, he didn’t know if the shop is closed or opened. Maybe he should just get another watch instead of getting it fix.

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