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I woke up tied with rope to a chair, a white table before me and a black laptop closed in front on the table.

The four even walls were white, along the wall to my left stood a stainless steel door with a black doorknob. I looked around me and tried to move my hands but they were tied tightly from my thin wrists to the wooden armrest of the chair. My legs, in pain, were tied to the bottom of the chair, my chest and stomach tied to the board behind me.

Thankfully, my clothing was not removed and my hijab wasn't touched. I felt party safe despite the fact that anyone can walk in and remove my safety without hesitation.

I kept my eyes on the black camera on the corner of the square ceiling, looking right at me. I knew someone was looking at me, watching my every move.

There was a clicking noise coming from the direction of the door then the knob turned and a familiar-looking woman walked in and closed the door behind her.

She was wearing a black pencil skirt and a royal blue sleeveless floral top. Her hair was in a high pony tail, reaching to her shoulders. Her thin figure was headed with a light face that heals the cold yet soft blue eyes that flooded with colours of revenge.

Alexandra Gordon.

"Hey Farah," She said through ruby red lips. "You look prettier than the last time we met. Thinner but still better."

"Why am I here?" I asked.

"Good question hun. Do you remember the millions of dollars you stole from me?"

I just looked at her and didn't say anything but I remembered. It was a couple of days after my dad's accident. Micheal picked me up from work and took me to Post Malone's second house a bit north from my area. I did some work for him there, snatching Alexandra's money, and he dropped me off back to the hospital.

"You will give my money back and wipe Austin's belongings. I'm gonna give him a taste of his own medicine," she said. She probably watches a lot of movies with crazy villains and heroes to remember the 'taste of their own medicine' line.

By 'Austin' I think she meant Post Malone because I read on Wikipedia that Austin was his first name.

"I can't be the only hacker in the world. You could've abducted someone else." I said, hating myself for the skill I learned.

"You took my money, you'll give it back." She said walking over to the table and resting her hands on it. "Besides, I find it interesting to kidnap a Muslim."

I squinted my eyes, confused at her comment.


"What if I decide not to help you?" I asked reading her frustrated expressions.

"As long as you are in this room, your life is in my hands. As soon as you're done, you're free to go."

Alexandra opened the laptop, typed in the password and turned it back facing me.

"Begin,"she simply said after uniting my body with great difficulty.

"I'm gonna need a couple of things."

She huffed and looked at me, telling me to ask.

"I need Austin's and yours account number, approximate amount you want transferred and your banking password. Oh and both of you, full names." I intentionally asked for more information than I needed. Just to piss her off.

She walked out of the door, angrily and shut the door behind her, leaving me in silence.

A few minutes later, Alexandra walked in with some papers and slammed them on the desk in front of me.

"Hurry. And for the amount, the highest you think he's worth."

I took the papers, read some and gathered the information I needed. Then I signed in with my anonymous account and blocked the laptop applications for extra safety.

Then, I began.


Two hours passed from 4 and Farah hasn't come out of the university. I sent her a couple of texts to let her know where I was and called her many times. I checked for her car but couldn't find it anywhere. Where could she have gone?

My patience ran thin and I got off the car and entered the large institution.

There was a heavy glass door I walked through and large bill boards that covered the walls with advertisements, directions, contests and more.

I followed the directions to the library and on my way, I met one of Farrah's friends.

"Oh hey, you're Micheal right?" She asked, as she tucked her blond hair behind her ear.

"Yeah, and your Sophie? A friend of Farrah's?"

"Uhuh, Farah didn't come to any class today. Is she okay?" The question shocked me as I thought of other places she could be.

"I was gonna ask you the same thing. I can't get ahold of her." Her blue eyes widened and she asked me to let her know when I find out about her whereabouts. Then I left and went back
to my car and drove to Gold's cabin.

On the way, I gave him a call.

"Where the fuck are you two? Don't be messing with my time right now."

"I don't know where Farah is."

"Oh Lord. Micheal, first you let Alexandra go, then you screw up my trades, and now you lost Farah," he said disappointed.

I remembered a while ago when Alexandra got away. She hasn't spoken to the police at all yet and it has been scaring Gold. He doesn't show it but the way he walks around with more than 5 security guard shows that he knows she wants revenge her own way. We are just trying to make sure she'll keep quiet.

"If she doesn't show up by the morning, file a report or ask her family to."

I ran my free hand through my out-grown hair and looked in the rear mirror into my sleep deprived eyes.

"Okay, should I still come over to you?" I asked

"Yeah." Then he hung up and I drove to his cabin.

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