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A/N: Heyyy! Silvergoldstars here. I'm going to kind of shy away from my dramatic obsession on Pyrrhian ships and focus on some Blicket here, aka, Blue x Cricket. 

If you haven't gotten to The Lost Continent arc yet, you'll probably think I'm saying gibberish.

Just a warning!

Anyways, hope you like it!

Cricket shoved a jet-black book aside, leaving it half-open, its creamy pages ruffling up and down in the gentle breeze wafting in from the open stone entrance. The book flipped closed, it's cover revealing the words: The Book of Clearsight. 

It was another day in their tiny cave. Bumblebee was still in the small makeshift sling, snoring softly, a peaceful smile on her small face. Cricket smiled down at her and moved a leaf with dried mango closer to her, for when Bumblebee felt hungry. 

She loved Clearsight's narration, and how her personality unfolded distinctly in the writing through small side notes. She loved the introduction, with Clearsight's love for other dragons and her admiration for peace and a place where all dragons lived in harmony.

It wasn't because of boredom that she had shoved the book away. 

It was because something, or someone, else was on her mind.

She looked at an azure SilkWing curled up across the cave, his vibrant wings glinting prettily.

Blueish-indigo wings, four flapping gracefully in the wind, wings that reminded her of indigo butterflies. Brushing gently against hers. Iridescent scales like many precious gems thrown in a vibrant mix.

Yellow eyes  that couldn't be called fierce in anyway. They were like a small campfire for only her, warmth on a cold day. 

A/N: also, correct me if Blue's eyes aren't yellow. thanks.

His humbleness. He had no idea how beautiful he was, how precious, how kind, how compassionate. His looks were nothing to him in front of protecting loved ones and thinking of other people's well-being.

His ability to be in other people's talons, to think of their lives and pain and hard work. 

He was compassion and kindness in dragon form. 

And no one could love him more than Cricket.

Blue's POV


Blue was staring at a certain HiveWing across a certain cave.

One that smelled like books and apples and everything pleasant. One that was smarter than most dragons. One who cared.

Her apricot scales, like the sun just came out on a cold, rainy day, scattered with black inkblots, which Blue thought was ironic since she loved books. 

Her orange-golden wings, which fitted around him perfectly.  Warm, brown eyes that were his anchor when a wave of worries washed over his mind's shore, and her pretty golden spectacles which looked amazing on her.

Her curiosity and open-mindedness, her empathetic and compassionate soul. Blue would still be living a Queen Wasp-worshipping life if Cricket hadn't saved him from the brainwashed HiveWings. 

Blue stared outside at the swaying grass and unconsciously crept closer to Cricket. She was staring dreamily outside as well, mumbling words underneath her breath.

Love... blue-violet wings... warm eyes....Blue....

Blue was getting tired, so his eyes were slowly drooping. But as he heard Cricket muttering, his eyes snapped open, widening at the last word.

He won't like me....too good for me.....

"No, you're too good for me," he murmured softly. 

Cricket looked at him sharply. "What did you just say?"

Cricket's POV


Maybe Blue might like me... thought Cricket, a glint of hope shining bright in her. Then she shook her head. No, he won't. He's too good for me.

A soft voice cut through he thoughts. "No, you're too good for me."

Oh no.... did I say it out loud? Maybe I misheard him...

"What did you say?" she turned around a little too sharply.

"You're too good for me." Blue smiled, a nervous blush creeping up his azure cheeks.

"No, I'm not," Cricket said softly.

"Yes, you are!" Blue lost it, and Cricket's eyes widened as he continued his rant. "You're too kind, too smart, too...too... amazing for me! You're the one who saved me! You're the one who's supported me and been with me for all the chaos that has happened recently! I just really, really, LOVE YOU, Cricket!"

Blue curled around himself and tucked his wings around himself, his cheeks red and him panting heavily. 

Cricket stared down at him. "I love you, too."

Blue looked up. "You do?"

Cricket smiled, detached Bumblebee's swing from her, and laid down next to Blue, her wings brushing against his gently. 

Blue moved up against other, and they\were against the wind blowing through the cave entrance.

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