Power Affirmations By William Marshall

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By William Marshall

© Copyright 2005 William H. Marshall. All Rights Reserved

Table of Contents

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Introduction 1

Chapter 1 The Story of Power Affirmations 15

Chapter 2

Power Affirmations Can Help You Attract What You

Want Most in Life


Chapter 3 The Battle for Your Mind 28

Chapter 4 How to Use Power Affirmations 35

Chapter 5 Creating Your Own Power Affirmations 54

Chapter 6 The Power of Power Affirmations 58

Chapter 7 Power Words: One Word Power Affirmations 61

Chapter 8 Creating a Powerful Self-Image 69

Chapter 9 The Power of Self-Analysis 73

Chapter 10 Achieving Your Goals Using Power Affirmations 77

Chapter 11 Creating Physical Power, Health, and Vitality 80

Chapter 12 Creating Power Relationships 83

Chapter 13 Creating Wealth and Financial Abundance 86

Chapter 14

The Power of Music...Combining Music with Power



Chapter 15 RAP: Results-focused Action Planning System 101

Chapter 16 How I Use My iPod for Personal Development 122

Chapter 17

How to Get Off to a Fast Start with Power



Chapter 18 Napoleon Hill Affirmation For Creating Wealth 138

Chapter 19 "As a Man Thinketh" by James Allen 142

Chapter 20 Free Power Affirmations ePosters 143

Chapter 21 This is Not the End, But a New Beginning... 146

Release Your Resistance to Success

What do I mean by "release your resistance?" It's simple.

I think that many people try too hard to succeed. The

harder you try...the harder you struggle...the more stress


you create in your life. You actually create resistance to

the very object or outcome that you desire. Instead, let go

of your resistance. Allow your mind to be quiet. Using

Power Affirmations (especially the MP3 recordings) is a

simple way to start.

Take a small object in your hand such as a small coin.

With your hand facing straight down over a table, just

open your hand and release the object. Without any

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