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You brought Alastor back to your little outside home thing. You sat down and grabbed the movie Heathers from the cabinet and you sat down on the couch. Alastor sat next to you. "

"Did you have a brain tumor for breakfast?"

"Hahahah. Always my favorite line." You said smiling. There was a part.......A part that got a bit heated. JD and Veronica start to play strip croquet. Alastor's face turned red and so did yours. Your hands met and intertwined. You looked at each other.

His face started to get close and you leaned in also. "(y/n)..." He whispered. "You are a very important woman. And I want be with you for the rest of my life." He said.

You looked confused, considering that you guys went on one date. But something deep down in the pit of your stomach told you that he was the person that would keep you safe from all the nonsense that he'll had to bring.

He leaned in closer and pressed his lips to yours, he tasted like mint and copper. You closed your eyes as he shoved his tongue into your mouth. You guys made out for a while. Then you fell asleep on his chest.

Katie and Em slipped into the hideout. "Oh my god Em look." Kate said pointing to you. "Holy shit."

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