Finally Some Sleep

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Todoroki's POV
After Recovery Girl did a check up and found nothing wrong she said, "Take him back to your dorm and both get some good sleep. You two need it." She gives me a sweet smile and I thank her taking Izuku back in my arms and walking to my dorm. As I get to the door, I rest him on my hip as I unlock it. He stirs a little but settles down again. I open the door and look at my alarm clock, Only 12pm. I set Izuku on my bed, under the covers after taking off his shoes, jacket, and his tie. I also undo the first button on his shirt. I get my pajamas on and go to bed as well. As soon as I go under the blanket, I feel an intense warmth on my side. I look over and see Izuku has become very comfortable with his legs rapped around my waist, and his head on my shoulder, with his arms also rapped around my arm. He looks so peaceful again. I'm surprised he can sleep after everything that happened. As I kept admiring his adorable freakeled face, my eyes were getting heavy and I let them close completely.

~The Next Day~
I woke up to the loud, annoying sound of my alarm clock. I look to where Izuku was last night and didn't see him there. "Izuku. Where did you go?" I frantically look around. I didn't see him! Could he have been taken again! I quickly get up, almost tripping on something. I look down to find Izuku just lying on the floor. His eyes fluttered open and looked in my general direction. "Why were you on the floor?" I ask as I help him up.
"I'm sorry. I just thought you would want some peaceful sleep. I can be quite a newcence." At the last part he looks down. I lean in and kiss his head. He looked up and I planted a kiss on his lips. He still tastes sweet and his lips are so soft. We break only for air. I look and his face is bright red, how is his face so blindingly bright. I sit down on the edge of my bed and pull him into my lap. He tries to squirm out of my grip but fails. "Serious time. Why did you walk away at the picnic?" He mumbled something under his breath that I couldn't hear. "Speak up."
"I'm a worthless nobody. You deserve someone better. You are amazing, strong, confident, you could get anyone you want. And you're wasting it on me." I look at him. I just look at him. I cant believe he thinks that about him. He's the one who could get anyone.
"I don't want anyone other than you. You are perfect and you shouldn't think of yourself as less." I hug him tight. *BUZZ, BUZZ, BUZZ.*
My phone violently vibrated on my desk. I look at it, a text from Momo.

Momo: Hey I'm getting some friends together at my house. You guys wanna come?
Todo: Sure. What time. And what's your address.
Momo: 10ish. [Address]
Todo: We'll be there.

I look at the time, its 9:30. I get dressed and Izuku looks away. He is adorable. We walk to his dorm and he gets dressed as well. I'm wearing some black ripped jeans, a plain white shirt with a red and black checkered flannel over, with a black beenie and some all black sneakers. Izuku had light wash ripped jeans, a shirt with a tea bag on it with one of my jackets on top, my jacket is so big on him, and his signature red sneakers. I underestimate the time it would take to get there and we arrived half an hour late. We walk in after I knocked. Kirishima was sitting on Bakugo's lap, Kaminari had a dress on and Uraraka was being licked by Tsu. "What the heck is going on?" I ask, extremely confused.
"Since you guys were taking so long, we were playing Truth or Dare. And since you guys were so late you don't have a choice between them." Uraraka said with a mischievous grin on her face, still getting licked by Tsu. Everyone but Izuku and I huddeled together and talked in hused tones. Finally they break apart and Kirishima talks, "Deku, you're going first. Your dare is to go into that room alone." He pointed stupidly to this random door way.
"Okay." He shrugges and I lead him to the door. Momo comes over and clicks a button by the door. The sound of water rushes through the small room. A small scweak comes from Izuku. I open the door and pull him out, he's shivering and water is dripping from his clothes. As I'm about to use my left side Momo interrupts me.
"Since you didn't let him complete his dare, you get yours now. You have to warm him up with only your tongue." She gives a devilish smirk. I look back at Izuku, his face was red but he was still shivering.
"Fine." I sit criss crossed with him in my lap. I start licking him, slowly but surely, he's getting dry. The last part was his face. I start by licking his forehead moving down to his mouth, ending it all with a passionate kiss. For the first time I asked for permission to use tongue, he gladly let me. I deepened the kiss even more by putting my hands on the back of his head. After a bit, we broke, both of us out of breath. Izuku's face is bright red and his eyes wide open. I lean in and whisper in his ear, "Was that your first make out session." He nodded slightly. "Well, your not that bad."

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