36. A Little Madness

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"It's okay to cry

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"It's okay to cry. The sky does it too."


Minutes after the group session, I found Cayden by our locker. The hood still over his head, he was quickly taking out his books as if he was in a hurry to get the hell out of here.

Bree was standing next to me. Students were passing by, shoulders bumping against mine. Chatter and laughter filled the void in the endless hallways. So many people, so many voices, and so many laughs, but only one's mattered to me. Only his.

The voices and laughs were drowned out by Cayden's words echoing in my head.

Reading Maya's diary gave me a weird feeling. I found a friend in that diary and it made me hate and love her at the same time.

I swallowed hard. I could feel more of his words lurking in my my mind, haunting and scarring.

She died in my arms. Heck, I sat in the pool of her blood for the longest 10 minutes of my life, staring at her lifeless face and waiting for the ambulance.

I could my heart thumping so loudly in my chest that for a moment, all the people and voices around me were swallowed by a darkness that wrapped itself around me. The only sound I could hear was my rapid heartbeat and the only person I could see was Cayden, hidden behind his hoodie and cold gaze.

Inhaling a deep breath that felt like an echo between the walls on either side of me, I took a small step forward. Two steps, three steps, and four steps.

Now, I was standing on his right side as he took out his books from our locker and furiously shoved them inside his locker. All of them. One by one.

Everything I wanted to say and ask, the way I wanted to reach for his hand, the way I wanted to look at him, it all disappeared and my mind went blank when his head snapped to me and he said, "We're done. I don't want to be friends with you anymore. Stay away."

I blinked once, twice.


I almost didn't recognize him or his voice. He sounded so different. So lost and so broken. So outraged.

Bree's frown dissolved into her mouth falling slightly open, brows pinching together in confusion.

Despite all the change in him, I still reached my hand to touch his arm, but Cayden flinched as if my touch burned him. "No. Stay the fuck away."

A mix of horrified and terrified, I took a step back and stared at him in disbelief.

Was he really ending this? Ending us? But why?

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