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Alright honey's work with me on this chap. I have never in my life even seen an ice rink soo...But I have seen like I, Tonya. Most of this skating less is from Wikihow thank you google thank you internet. But if you actually know ice skating at all and this is wrong then I apologize profusely. (That's also why it's kind of dry) Lol anyway hello and welcome  

"It's already fucking cold outside, and now we're going to sit in another damn ice cube," Gaige clenched his teeth to keep his shivering to the minimum as he shoved his hands in his pocket, not bothering to take the door from Adonis.

"You'll get warmer when you're skating," Gaige rolled his eyes, completely doubting it. 

The 'Ice Arena' was reasonably empty. As in, there was a bored, balding, mild-age man leaning against the counter flipping through some sports magazine. The wall that separated the ice and the lobby was plastic, so Gaige could clearly see there were two kids and two parents fumbling around on the slick floor and that was it. Adonis grinned and rubbed his red hands to either bring back warmth or to show excitement for his surprise activity. His camera was tucked in his armpit, on but not recording. 

The lobby of the Ice Arena smelt like dust and mold, but Adonis skipped with excitement to the counter. The balding man glanced up, and when he realized someone was actually there, he closed his magazine and slide it on the shelf under the counter. 

"Excuse me, is it free skate?" Adonis gripped the counter, and Gaige hung back, reading the signatures of kids from hokey photos and figure skating. 

There was year after year of teams and smiling kids. Helmets, hockey sticks, bedazzled unitards. Most of the kids were smiling like they weren't freezing their asses off or something. Gaige couldn't help but wonder where some of these kids, like the ones from the pictures dated all the way back in 1994, where they were now?

The man behind the counter glanced at Adonis's camera, then at Gaige -who was wandering around the room- and back at Adonis, "Yeah. Two? 8.50."

Adonis paid, got his size of ice skates, and called Gaige over to get his shoe size for skates too. Eventually, both boys were pushing through the doors that lead to the echoy dome that held oval ice, with plastic and wood walls to keep the bounds from solid ground to not-so-solid ground, rows, and rows of bleachers around them. 

The two sat down in blue and purple bleachers, must've been the colors of the local team. Adonis kicked off his shoes and pulled out his camera from his armpit, angling it towards Gaige -who was just staring at the ice like it was a magnificent thing in its own. 

"Are you really that new to ice?" Adonis couldn't help but giggle behind the camera as Gaige snapped back into focuses.

Gaige raised his eyebrows, and then shrugged, wrestling off his shoes too, "I don't know. We don't exactly get cold weather down in Florida. And I usually only visited Brad in the summer. Cold weather isn't...fair."

That made Adonis nearly bend over in an attack of laughter. The camera was shaking, no longer focusing on Gaige, as Adonis's laughter was too much. Gaige stared at the boy for a moment, unsure what going on. But slowly, the upbeat giggling was wearing a smile onto Gaige's face. 

He shook his head and bent over to begin lacing his skates like he would roller skates, hoping it was right. Gaige also hadn't been roller skating since the seventh grade, but it was like muscle memory. Hopefully. 

"Now," Gaige sat back in his bleacher seat after he had finished tightening his laces. Adonis had too, and had picked up his camera to film Gaige's first steps on ice, "How the fuck do we get on the ice?"

Adonis laughed and stood up, wobbling a little, "We stumble to the entry door," Gaige sat in his seat, wide eyes, eyebrow up, judging the distance from their current seats to the little hole in the barrier walls. It was a hell of a distance for a man who was now basically a baby giraffe learning to walk for the first time. 

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