Chapter 2

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It was a fairly normal day in the lives of Earth's mightiest heroes. There weren't any missions to go on, so they were all relaxing at the tower. "Hey Steve, can you toss me the remote?" Steve nodded and handed Clint the tv remote. He channel surfed for a while before landing on some random action movie. No one was really paying him any attention as they had their own side conversations.

Steve got up from the couch and went over to the kitchen where he ran into Tony. "Want me to fix you a drink Capsicle?"

Steve chuckled at the nickname "I'm just here for a bottle of water. But thanks anyway."

Tony rolled his eyes "You're so boring! You need to live a little! Get some adventure in your life!"

He raised an eyebrow "Tony, you and I both fight giant robots every other Tuesday. How is that boring?" he shrugged and walked back into the living room.

They all continued their chit chat when they heard the elevator ding. A second later, Pepper walked out with another woman behind her. Tony got up to greet her, but she walked right past him. He looked like he was going to faint. "Steve?" She brought the other woman to him "This is Miss Hathaway. She's a social worker."

"Hello, Mr. Rogers." She shook his hand.

He smiled "You can call me Steve ma'am."

She blushed "Well, then you can call me Sarah." She brushed a hair from her face "I have something that I need to discuss with you."

"Ok." He nodded "Let's go somewhere more private." He led her into one of the conference rooms.

She rummaged through her bag and pulled out some papers from a folder and handed them to him "This is going to take some explaining, do you remember your cousin Ethan Parker?"

"Sure!" Steve smiled. "He was the son of my Mother's sister. What about him?"

"Well," she continued "He went on the have a son named Samuel Parker. Samuel Parker had two sons, Richard and Benjamin Parker. Richard and his wife Mary died several years ago. However, they had a son. He went to live with Ben and his wife May. Ben died a year ago and May died last week."

Steve looked up at her "I am very sorry to hear that but, why are you telling me this now?"

She pointed at a picture clipped to the paper in his hands. "Richard's son is 15 years old. He has lost his parents, his uncle, and now his aunt. He has no other living relatives to take care of him and will be put into a foster home in two days. That is..."

It all fell into place. Steve looked down at the picture "I'm his last living relative..."

"Exactly." She nodded. "I know this would be a huge responsibility, and I know that you are very busy in your line of work. All I'm asking is that you consider letting him stay with you. Just until he's 18. The boy can really use a father figure about now and I think you're the last chance he's going to have at getting one.

Steve stared at the picture of the smiling boy with curly brown hair. "What's his name?"

"Peter. His name is Peter Parker."

~time skip~

"Peter chill! You're going to be fine!" Michelle grabbed his hands to keep him from picking at his shirt sleeves.

"Dude you need to calm down," Ned added. "You're getting yourself worked up over nothing."

Peter took a deep breath "It's one thing finding out that I'm related to Captain freaking America, but it's a whole other thing to be going to live with him!"

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