22 | Chapter Twenty Two

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Spells galore.

Against the furious roar of wind magic that Breslin summoned and the clashing of metal spells continuously amalgamating together — Macey couldn't help but feel blank.

I have a twin.

Her eyes felt heavy against the light that streamed down into her eyes. Macey tried to focus on the lesson at hand, but all she could do was think of her twin. Are they okay? Does Macey's sibling know of her existence? And the constant question that kept ringing against the side of her mind ...

Are people after them, just like they're after me?

Throughout her entire life, Macey felt alone and that an important piece of her was missing. Being the only human in the world with substantial and god like powers, she always wondered if there was another. Finding out this information was scary, but at the same time Macey felt her empty heart finally be fulfilled.

"The locator spell is better in pairs," said Breslin, who had both wind and metal magic twisting along his arms, creating a needle to float above the palms of his hands. "Once you're more confident in spell casting will you then be able to use it on your own. You will all practice inside."

The professor then began to march down the aisle, giving everyone a close up on the spell. The needle began to twist and turn with a small gem lodge in the middle of the needle, creating a small flicker of energy to brush against Macey's cheek.

"When I feel like you're confident in your spell, you'll all be given a gem. Around the campus, are treasure chests which you and your partner shall find." Breslin shot a smile at Macey, then scanned the rest of the lecture hall. "Any questions before we begin?"

"Will we be trudging in the snow?"

Macey looked to her right, seeing Connor with his hand raised high above his head. Judging by his heavy coat, the fire sage wasn't very keen on having to find items in the thick blanket of snow on campus, causing her to let out a silent giggle.

Breslin shook his head. "Don't worry my fire students. All the items are situated on the cobblestone path. I ain't going to make you have to swim in snow."

Connor gave off a shy smile, making Macey's heart skip a beat. She could tell something different was about the nerd, looking more tired than usual. He wasn't nauseating to deal with and didn't interrupt the professor anymore with his vast amount of questions. Instead, he was slumped over the desk, resting his chin along the back of his arms, sitting in complete silence.

"Now," said Breslin, releasing the locator spell, letting in disappear into thin air. "Is everyone okay with finding a partner?"

The lecture hall then turned into everyone muttering, some instantly locating partners while a few shy students found it somewhat difficult. With small bursts of warmth popping in her cheeks, Macey tilted her head, letting her long curly hair drape down her face. She raked her eyes over Connor, who looked too daze to even tell everyone was getting into pairs.

"Wanna be partners?" asked Macey, looking straight towards Connor, who hesitated the moment she asked.

"Uh sure," Connor replied with a coarse tone in his voice, straightening his body in his seat while pulling at the sides of his coat. "What magic do you want to summon?"

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