Calm The Fire: 139

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They weren't exactly the words which Thorin expected to hear. Let alone at such an early time in the morning. Náriel leant back against the stonework rail behind her and looked to the doorway where he stood.

“Anything?” She questioned with a sigh. “Look, all right, I get it, me leaving again isn't good. And neither of us are very good with saying farewell to each other. But, as my uncle so rightly alerted to me yesterday; I have a home to say good bye to.” Náriel said. It had been bothering her since the conversation with Thranduil had happened.

After her brief history lesson both Thorin and Náriel parted ways for a short time. Dain had bought up more suggestions for Erebor, and Balin was by his side sharing his opinion on the matter. In truth, Náriel wasn't wholly paying attention. As bad as that was considering this was to become her new home. But even still, she had excused herself so they could have their little meeting, and it was at this point when she had crossed paths with her uncle.

Thranduil was exploring the many winding halls and corridors of the Mountain again. He was rather unsurprised to see how little it had truly changed. He had been between Dale and Erebor since the battle had ended. He had even taken two days to travel back to Mirkwood. Those who were still there were fine and trying their hardest to collect things together which would be of use in the restoration of Dale, or supplies that people would generally need.

“Not all will be present on the day to see you wed.” Thranduil had started, which caused her to look at him curiously. It was not surprising. They couldn't very well leave Mirkwood unprotected and abandoned for one day. “It would be only right for you to say farewell properly.” At this point he cast a look down at her.

Náriel sighed silently and nodded slowly. He said it in such a way that she couldn't comment back. She couldn't disagree. She could only agree. And when she pondered over it, he was right. She did need to say farewell to her home.

Frowning suddenly she looked up at him. “I am sure that it will be a short lived farewell, uncle. Even if I am to move here, I will still visit. Though...I'm not sure how often, but I will return. I cannot stay away from Mirkwood for a lengthy amount of time.”

Thranduil smiled lightly at this. “Will you be visiting alone?” He commented sarcastically yet with an underlining tone of humour.

Náriel laughed. Placing a hand over her mouth to hide her smile she shook her head slowly. “I think it'd take a lot to persuade Thorin to return to Mirkwood. His last visit wasn't pleasant.”

Thranduil frowned at this and was silent. Sure, anyone else would surely apologise over that little mishap. But he acted out of judgement. He did what he thought was right at the time. He did not need to apologise for that. Even if he did, he was rather sure Thorin would either comment sarcastically or just nod. There wouldn't be full acceptance. It took enough to get them to common ground. Apologies were a new thing they'd tackle in time, he was sure. Or relatively sure.

Náriel entwined her hands over her stomach and looked around the corridor they were walking down. Early evening light from the large windows flooded warmly in. The dark brickwork was illuminated and lit to a dark grey. The stones were warm underneath her feet. Admittedly Náriel had taken to walking the corridors barefoot. She often walked barefoot back in Mirkwood's corridors. She just liked the feel of solid stone underneath her feet. Even more so when it was warmed by the sun which shone earlier in that day.

“Tomorrow.” Náriel said firmly. Thranduil looked down at her. Slowly but surely she looked up at him with a smile. “The sooner I go, the sooner I return. The sooner I go, the easier it'll be. Waiting for a time to go would cause...unhappiness.” Náriel said thoughtfully. Unhappiness, unease, sadness and perhaps silence. “Who will I be travelling with?”

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