42. Onward to Lesidor

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The group rushed out only to find a small crowd gathering around the inn. Hoping they wouldn't connect the dots just yet, Ryder went to the stable boy and calmly asked him to bring their horses. As soon as they were out, all four of them climbed onto it. Passing through the crowd, they heard people whispering 'White', 'Flash, 'Magic'. But their cover didn't last for long.

The owner of the inn came out, pointed towards them and shouted. " It was them!"

The crowd looked at the group and finally gave Michael a good look. "Elf." A woman gasped.

Athena looked at Michael and saw that his eyes had turned back to blue and his body was still glowing.

Oh no.

"Time to go," Ryder said as he kicked into his horse and sped off towards the exit, different from the one they had entered the city through. Beluar, Michael and Athena wasted no time in taking off after him and they ran through the city as fast as they could. The alarms began blaring once more, which had Athena looking towards the gates that were closing once more. The guard they met at the other entrance stood there, arms crossed and waiting.

"Thought ya could leave? Filthy Elves. The only thing we here hate more than the king are magic users. Ya should have stayed on your side of the river." he said with malice in his eyes.

"Listen, we do not want trouble. Just let us go." Beluar tried to reason.

"Ya should 'ave thought of tha' before ya entered my city." Soldiers began lining up behind him, waiting for his order to charge, and the gates behind them almost closed.

"We didn't have a choice but to enter then, and you know that. Now if you do not let us go, you will leave me with no choice but to use magic to get out."

"Do your worst." He shouted and all the soldiers charged.

Beluar snapped his fingers and the whole unit froze, silence instead of shouts filled the air. "Go. Now!" he roared and all of them ran through the small opening that remained. As they left the city unscathed, Beluar snapped his fingers once more and they heard the shouts once more, then confusion and anger as they sped away from the gates which were now closed.

The group reached the riverside, where they found two boats waiting for them.

"How are we going to take the horses across?" Athena asked.

"Tie them to the boat, they can swim," Beluar stated as he and Ryder began to take the saddlebags off the horses and put it into the boats, tying the reins of their horses to the boats soon after. Athena and Michael followed suit and soon they were ready to leave. Athena and Michael got into the boat while Ryder and Beluar each pushed a boat into the water. Wading into the water and climbing onto the boat, they passed an oar to each of the Heirs.

"Okay, now, it should be in alternate motions, understand? First me, then you and so on." Ryder told Athena as Beluar told Michael. Athena nodded and began doing what he told her. After a few unsuccessful tries, she finally understood how it worked and began to row the boat deeper into the river. Unfortunately for them, they were in the widest part of the river; the part where the festival was held in and the slight strong current was not making it easy for them to get across either.

The horses resisted a little until Beluar whispered something to calm all of them down and to get them to swim with them. When they thought it was over, Athena, along with the others, glanced back at the city hearing a loud squeak as the city gates flew open.

Oh no!

"Faster!" Ryder urged as they tried to put distance between the angry horde of humans and themselves. They were almost halfway across when a volley of arrows flew towards them. Out of reflex, Athena held up the oar in front of her but, out of the corner of her eye, saw Beluar stand up and raise his arms. The arrows stopped just inches away from each of them before dropping into the water where it floated away with the current.
Michael looked astounded, while Athena pushed her oar back into the water and began to paddle with renewed vigour.

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