Self worth

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Song by Lennon Stella: La Di Da

In order to glow up or whatever, you need to have confidence. Yes it's hard. I've been through way too many years where I haven't had confidence. And it led to bad things, me letting people push me over, etc. so sorry if this is all over the place but I mean every word.

But girls (and guys who ever is reading this) you are priceless. You are fabulous and anyone who says differently... well that's their problem. Let others think what they want about you, but you'll just keep getting better. Growing and glowing. That's what you'll do. And if some obnoxious person wants to just hate on you, just try to be the better, mature one and ignore it. Now if it's bullying (verbal, emotional, or physical) or something tell someone. But if someone just hating for no reason cause they're bored ignore! But you all are so beautiful and talented. And rare. No one else is like you. At all. If they try to be like you and not themselves, they'll fail. Because we are all unique and I love it. If we weren't we would all be the same, how boring. Variety is the spice of life after all. Also everyone is so focused on themselves. I have this thing where I feel like everyone is staring at me and it freaks me out. In the hall ways at school or a little girl at the dentist office looked at me meanly. That actually happened but any ways, they are not focused on you. They are afraid of looking some sort of way to even notice if, I don't know your hair is a little frizzy one day. Maybe you ran a little late and you don't have mascara on. Well you are beautiful ether way and they don't notice. You are beautiful and loved and are the reason someone or something (your dog or cat or fish, or Etc) smiles. You're worth it. And I hope you realize it. Because someone else does. I do. I honestly do.

I'm loving the song by Lennon Stella: La Di Da
It's amazing and I love it!

Rant ish:
Okay so there's this thing going around and it is making me so furious. Comment if you agree. And comment your opinions on it:

On social media depression and mental illness is getting glamorized. I see it on insta gram all the time and I'm like why? Just stop. Real people have these problems. Heck, I did. I over came it (yay). But it's like why? Why? Just stop. And I see others starting to comment on it and I decided I should too. It enrages me. And now people who actually have these situations going on aren't taken seriously. What's so awesome about having a mental illness or depression? NOTHING. NOTHING. So I just want it to end. The glamorization of it all. It needs to stop.

But any ways have an amazing day, night, year, and life. It's almost the end of spring break and it's been TOO long so sorry. I'm the worst. Forgive me please? But yeah.

QOTD: I'm not a stop along the way. I'm a destination

-Blair Waldorf

I really enjoy gossip girl it's so unrealistic but funny and entertaining!
If you've watched it or you are watching it,



And who would you have liked to see end up together

if you don't like the relationships of ones who did?

Okay good bye gorgeous and priceless darlings

Lots of love & all things gossip girl


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