Chapter 52

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Seth helps me hang up my new decorations. Well, he hangs them up and I just boss him about where they need to go. Once everything is done I turn on Netflix and we sit on my bed. Seth lays back and pulls me down beside him. I wrap my arm around his neck and snuggle into his warm chest.

"This dress is really fucking hot." He says, his finger running up and down my spine.

I laugh lightly. "It's just a summer dress."

He pulls back and stares down at me with a shake of his head. "Not on you babe."

I roll my eyes but I can't wipe the smile from my lips. My fingers graze the edge of his hat and I push it off. If I didn't know Seth I'd think he takes better care of his hair than I do my own. He has the type of thick golden blonde hair some girls pay their hairdressers top dollar for. I drag my fingers through the soft tresses and Seth growls playfully. His lips meet mine and I pull him closer as he opens his mouth and my tongue meets his. My whole body ignites when he slowly moves on top of me as if he's giving me time to stop him.

Yeah, that's definitely not going to happen.

Cool air from the AC hits the tops of my thighs as I spread my legs to accommodate his. I keep one hand threaded in his hair while the other roams across his chest where I feel his heart hammering the same fast beat as mine. It almost sparks some extra confidence in me that he's just as nervous about the sexual aspect of our relationship as me, but this is Seth I'm talking about. I'm betting he wasn't even nervous his first time.

I trail my hand down his chest and over his abdomen where my fingers grip the hem of his tank top and tug it up until he helps me completely remove it. I probably look like an inexperienced idiot just staring at his naked chest but he is so sexy. Seth flashes me his signature smirk and teases my bottom lip with a soft bite.

He trails open mouth kisses down my neck to my chest. His deep brown eyes meet mine with a questioning glint. I nod trying to slow my erratic breathing. Sober me has never had to deal with a guy seeing me naked so I may be freaking out a little. Seth rises up a bit and tugs the spaghetti straps off my shoulders. I want to shut my eyes but I don't. Cool air caresses my naked breasts— my nipples puckering in response and I bite my lip in anticipation.

"Holy fuck, Babe." Seth groans his eyes never leaving my chest. "You're gorgeous."

He palms both of them his fingers plucking at my right nipple.

"So perfect." He whispers.

It's a war between a delectable bite of pain and a sweet rush of pleasure. Then his mouth covers one— my hips raise, a moan leaving my mouth and my fingers dig into the white sheet. His brown eyes stare me down with a naughty glint as he continues to play with my body. He's loving my reaction. The thought sends a hot flush over me. I feel achy and empty and needy. He flicks his tongue across the puckered bud and gives the other a gentle pinch. I gasp.

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