Beautiful Goodbye

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It was a small word; consisting of only two alphabets. And it was a one-syllable word. Jongdae liked the word - made up of two but sounded as one. It was on the top of his 'romantic things' list - just 'us.' Looking to his side at Kim Minseok; his companion, his lover, his 'u' to the 's' sitting next to him under those two full trees that were intertwined in full bloom with the flowers: huge and pretty and the bark: moist and the soft breeze gently lifting up their bangs and making everything even more magical. It was the end of April; their one year anniversary and Jongdae couldn't be happier because everything he wanted was next to him.

In that moment, with spring in full swing, looking onto Minseok and the green, full grass around him, he didn't see nature - he saw a canvas - a beautiful canvas on which he envisaged his beautiful future. Because Kim Jongdae was a man who appreciated beauty. He was a perfectionist of sorts - he wanted things beautiful. And so Minseok and he got along even more with their matching habits of cleanliness. It only made Jongdae even more satisfied, knowing that probably the most beautiful man in the world was his.

Their first anniversary. It was beautiful.


It was Jongdae's favourite month - not only because it was springtime and warm but because it was the month in which he met Minseok. Their beautiful meeting was exactly on the first of the month. It had been a beautiful and fun day - April Fool's Day was always fun after all with his crazy friends. He was returning from Baekhyun's house and he saw him; Minseok, standing underneath the streetlight, looking ethereal in the dusk light. Minseok had smiled at him - his eyes glimmering and the smile had been naughty. Jongdae hadn't know back then, how he had fallen into Minseok's web that second, like a pollen being attracted to a flower. He had only fallen deeper when Minseok had ran one hand through his hair and maybe it was the fact that he had drunk a little at Baekhyun's or maybe it was the fact that they were young and the night was long or maybe it was the fact that they were both smiling at each other like that - like they know very much that they wouldn't be able to walk past because they had both been hit by the arrows of the Cupid - it was mutual.

And so, Jongdae had walked up to Minseok, who had just tilted his head; coy. He was waiting for Jongdae to come.

"So, I guess you're lonely tonight," Jongdae had said. He was bad at pick-up lines. Baekhyun made sure to remind him of that every day.

But that was okay. Minseok wasn't better with words either.

He'd grabbed Jongdae's hand, direct and fearless and said, "We match."

It didn't make a lot of correlation but to Jongdae, the two words were his consent to go to a cheap restaurant and buy fast food and go and eat it on some bench while laughing at people who were looking down at them. And then, they went to this fountain place - the one where there are hoses on the floor and lightings and music - and unlike everyone, who was avoiding the water and just taking pictures, Jongdae grabbed Minseok, who pushed aside a girl taking a picture and ran into the centre, dancing to the music playing.

The look that Minseok had on his face - Jongdae would never forget - his eyes were lit up with the lights and crinkling around the corners and his smile was wide and revealed a little bit of his shiny teeth and his nose was scrunched up slightly and his soft light-brown hair fell into his eyes as he was jumping and Jongdae didn't know how but they were kissing soon.

Because the night wasn't over and they were the youth.


Their relationship progressed quickly - they were boyfriends and after many months of happiness, they moved in together. It was full of smiles and laughter and jokes. Even if Jongdae was to think about this time, all he could remember was happiness. Pure happiness. Bliss.

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